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More Tips For Warzone Players…

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More Tips For Warzone Players… Did you learn anything?



Hi, I’m Dimucc. Video games like COD and Warzone have been slowly heading downhill over the year, but I know there are plenty of Call of Duty players and Gamers who share the same love for video games as I do. That’s why I’ve started making gaming videos to bring some fun and creativity back to the Call of Duty Warzone and Gaming community. I love showcasing how dumb games can get in a sarcastic and humorous way.

I’ve played Games like Minecraft, GTA V, and Call of Duty for years, whether it be Black Ops Zombies, Multiplayer, or even Warzone and I love to give back some of the good memories and funny moments I’ve experienced to my viewers through my videos!

If you guys enjoy my content, feel free to hit that sub button for daily Gaming and Call of Duty Warzone videos!


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  1. on god i never saw this vod and when i get in a game of warzone and i take fall damage i say “i got sniped i got sniped”???

  2. To be fair on the camping part this is a game of survival and also no one owes you any particular style of play even if it’s annoying just got to be a little bit more careful baby don’t charge into that room with a closed door

  3. This is exactly why I don’t play warzone…also because I can’t even go 15 feet in the air without being sniped from 1,000 meters away

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