Call Of Duty Warzone

32 KILL SOLO GAME! 🔥 | Call of Duty Warzone

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Had an INSANE 32 kill win in buy back solos… Used a nasty DM Ultra C58 with a DM Ultra Mac-10 with nice loadouts!


🛠️ Call of Duty Warzone settings:
Resolution: 1920×1080
Graphics Settings: Lowest possible
FOV: 120
Input device: Mouse&Keyboard
Mouse: Final Mouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town
Mouse Sensitivity: 3.50
DPI: 400
Keyboard: Ducky X ONEofZERO – IODINE LTD Edition 65% Keyboard


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  1. Hi bro I tried to save but I realised you can't get an heirloom from the BP packs and I don't wanna buy 500 packs it's to much what should I do I guess I have to wait and I've been playing since season 1 but this game doesn't want me to have an heirloom

  2. Kinda gay how u always have a splitgait war zone and Apex fake live stream playing game play 24/7 from like a full year ago on all 3 games

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