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Battlefield 2042 Beta Release Date vs. Call of Duty: Vanguard – Who will win Beta Month?

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The Battlefield 2042 beta release date is almost upon us, as it’s finally September! However, it’s not the only game with a testing phase, as Call of Duty: Vanguard is also hosting its beta. Who will win?


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  1. In my opinion, the “Battlefield v. CoD” debate/argument is moot, at this point. Similar to Microsoft v. Sony, I feel they’re so different in terms of what they offer that comparing them is a bit apples to oranges, ya know?

  2. I sue hope the Battlefield 2042 Beta actually, you know, works.
    The Battlefield Betas (other than Hardline) have been infamously buggy with lots of connection issues, at least on Xbox.
    I feel like there was very little hype with with Vanguard this year, but I guess if you have a yearly franchise that's bound to happen eventually

  3. Battlefield 1 was the best selling battlefield game ever though, plus it definetly is a fan favorite

    I wont even be touching the CoD Vanguard beta because Cold War was the most disappointing CoD game ever

  4. Hey do you guys have a discord?
    I'm excited for BF2042 and it could be great to playing with people that want to voice chat. Yeaaaars ago I played with Pete and his squad in Bf3, it would be great to have something like that again.
    GG, regards Bobschnutts

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