Call Of Duty Warzone

How I almost dropped 70+ kills for the new Warzone Kill Record ?

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How I almost dropped 70+ kills for the new Warzone Kill Record ?

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  1. HOW DID YOU INOW HE WAS REZZING BEFORE YOU EVEN JUMPED over the wall! IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE ????? your starting to make it obvious dude wich is shameless

  2. These have to be private lobbys bc ive gone up against straight sweats who dont miss a single shot at any range with any gun and my kd isnt even OP so my matchmaking should be at a way lower level than say, most streamers but ig my matchmaking is higher, also why is the entire lobby just landing back onto him? Looks like one of those nick mercs videos where he has friendlys pulling up every couple seconds, no hate just suspicious how no matter where he goes theres like 10 people just standing there and 30 more dropping from the sky

  3. Hacker died by hacker. Please dont lie, how much do you lie, you dont belive yourself. We know you are cheater

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