Call of duty vanguard

Is Cod Vanguard disappointing?

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no it isn’t #cod #vanguard #shorts


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  1. Bit too late everyone tried and put the effort in when the game was in a horrendous state cannot blame the players the game is awful there is no fun involved when did everything become so competitive just rips the enjoyment out

  2. Literally re-skin black ops 4 and I'm set. I didn't think there would be a worse cod than advanced warfare but I was wrong.

  3. What I want from ww2 fps’s in general is no sliding and no fucking reflex sights. Same with all the other dumb customization. The sliding part goes for almost all games as well.

  4. Lol give it up cod is heeping shit & if you haven’t moved on yet. You are the one who is old news. Dog shit company who doesn’t care about anyone who drops the same exact mid games every year. It’s a remake every year of some shitty fps

  5. This is the first cod that I legit felt bored playing i loved every cod camping I've played all hell even bo3s was fun even if it made no since but this one just felt like a chore especially the jungle mission idk i just hate this game

  6. I personally don’t like vanguard I know a lot of people do but I just don’t understand the hype and I’ve been a loyal call of duty fan my whole life

  7. it wasnt alpha. its beta but ok. and we want to see a functional product with some amount of care and effort put into it. Idk where the recoil is because all I see are lazer beams and red dots on WW2 guns and dudes wiping out entire enemy teams 10+ times within 5 minutes getting 3 V2's in one match. Every animation is recycled from MW and CW, There is zero research put in to the WORLD WAR TWO GUNS. Wrong calibers, autistic attachments, animations that are physically impossible. Just off of a few clips from the trailer I immediately knew the devs didnt know a damn thing about firearms. Full auto bolt-actions, entire bolt assemblies flying out the back of the gun, MODERN PISTOLS BECAUSE ITS LITERALLY A COPY PASTED TAKEDOWN ANIMATION FROM MW. This is genuinely the most dogshit game I've ever seen in my life, and I've played hundreds (maybe almost a thousand) of games since the PS2. We had every single reason to hate the game before even getting actual game footage. Just based off the terrible reveal trailer I knew it was gonna be dogshit, and my expectations were perfectly met. I think it's time cod fanboys take a break from sucking Activision's dried up balls because they've got nothing left to give to us but recycled bullshit for the past 5 years

  8. Ok ok but we didn't asked for another 6th WW2. They could have just done ghosts 2, advance warfare 2 or idk but they used bots to fake people into believing this is the best call of duty?

  9. Honestly bring back season 1 of Warzone but keep Rebirth Island and everything is fixed also anti cheat, better FOV and have Quads for Rebirth always

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