Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard – BETA Trailer (Week 1) | PS5, PS4

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Free up your weekend, the #Vanguard BETA is coming! Beginning Sept 10th on PlayStation®. Pre-load available now.
Pre-order for early access –


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  1. Activision getting lazier and lazier…. I'm not buying this years COD. Just going to play Warzone and as bad as it is, that's saying something.

  2. if u can get excited about new Halo & praise it for I don't know wat.. y can't we get excited about new cod atleast they r much more fun than halo

  3. After 1 year we will get a new cod game so I don't understand the hype plus this game will be 90% exactly the same like the prev ones.

  4. So lame same thing over and over y’all need to make a modern warfare 2 and take your time with it like the last one come on guys smh

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