Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer Beta Gameplay (Dogs Highest Killstreak)

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  1. You said your not camping because you’re in the middle of the map how and where does that justify that you’re not camping ahahahahah stop camping

  2. I might get some hate for this but I am really exited for this (obviously halo and battlefield) maps look good and it’s on the mw2019 engine so all in all not better than waw but I’m still buying it

  3. The goliath tanks u keep seeing are anti vehicle tanks u remote control them and they exlopde near players or vehicles.

  4. Guys please tell me this game doesn't suck. I have a 3090 all to the maximum and there is no detail, everything is very flat. Painful textures. Non-existent shadows. Floating Foliage. Modern warfare from 2 years ago is a hundred times better. Unfortunately I have already purchased with presale, very excited by the trailers. But here we are back to COD from 10 years ago. I'm really sad ??

  5. Who cares about camping just play the game how you want to and enjoy it this is coming from someone who is a run and gunner ??

  6. I feel like not so much about Cold War but since cod went downhill I gotta admit I genuinely feel cod with mw2019 and this is slowly going back up hill and getting good again

  7. Dogs are stupid over powering in the game. If dogs are over powering then instead of it being dogs, it should be snails that way they wont travel as fast. Call of duty vanguard developers are TOO STUPID to fix the over powering dogs.

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