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Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer Reveal Livestream

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Tune into the worldwide premiere of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s multiplayer. Learn more details on Maps, Modes, Weapons, new features and much more from the developers at Sledgehammer.

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  1. You know, At this point I’m just going to continue playing Cold War or some of the older CoDs. Vanguard doesn’t look that exciting, The multiplayer is just Modern Warfare but World War 2.

  2. "It's exiting for me cuz I can finally play with my cousin in Toronto who's a PC player and I will play with my PS4 at home", WTH is wrong with these clowns ????, very funny to hear Corporate rhetoric in games buahhhhahahaha. (!PC!) Anti cheat LOL, so no Anti Cheat

  3. I don’t know why people are hating on it. I feel pretty excited, more so than how I was with Cold War. I like that there are different pacing options and the game looks beautiful from what I’ve seen.

  4. A really does look terrible and a complete waste of time for people to buy. When will call of duty learn nobody wants to go back to old-fashioned war. The modern day weapons and modern warfare are exactly where people want to play. They won’t be getting my money this year

  5. Blurred Gameplay, 31:45 the guy literally hints that "It feels like it was always suppose to be in the game." Means 2 things, this should've been in Modern Warfare, and they withheld it as a feature to sell another game, and in addition to this, means this game is a reskin, and that mechanic should not be exclusive to any edition of the game. as they are all 3 the same game reskinned. With marketing talent like this, Why would activision lie about a anti-cheat to sell Vanguard? I don't think they realize they will be sued for deceit, and are to dumb to realize warzone is free to play so why didn't they release it already? Why is all the gameplay blurred or shorts? and very low quality? These where taken off studio computers where they not? or is it you don't have any polish as you don't actually have a game and don't want people to see that. Caliber system? You mean what Modern Warfare has for "some guns" you just finally made it for 20 guns? To destroy warzone he legit says 33:00 they are no longer giving any cares about weapon balancing, have fun with meta meta meta. One Gun One Life. I mean they did it with cold war weapons, now everyone will be forced to use a 50 cal LMG from vangaurd.

  6. used to be a cod fan once … classic old cods used to be the gems… last few cods at least tried somewhat to be original.. unfortunately dis shit seems like a battlefield rip-off … smh

  7. singleplayer……should reallly be deleted………not needed……12 years mabye…..but……corny A.I………listen ……multiplayer only for the real guys….

  8. They should start having official 'Worst Game of the Year' awards. This 'modern-Battlefield',-except-not shit needs to go back to the forge. The hype is ACTUALLY gone now! Like, not even mostly, like before. It's just..


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