Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone – New Map Pacific Reveal [HD 1080P]

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New Map Pacific Reveal of Call of Duty Warzone. Subscribe for all the latest trailers and gameplay:
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  1. Amos Hodge is a liar and pathetic. Quit B.S inch the community y’all have lied for the last two years. Vanguard is dookie ? and warzone will be another cheating game.

  2. If the vanguard engine isn't actually an improvement to the mw engine, which is the case currently, this is good and bad. Hopefully though, that isn't the case

  3. I'm surprised they didn't black out his body and distort his voice. Everybody watching this video like "Oh this is the guy I should be mad at"

  4. how about just let PC players play against one another and let consoles play together or let us just turn cross-platform off and still be able to play. that be cool. otherwise warzone is still gonna have cheaters that can just keep making new profiles.

  5. They just want to sold Vanguard, which they know sucks, so they integrate every shitty game they make in 1year in Warzone, and saying, yeah they are so dumb, they will buy. Fuck you Raven software.

  6. Well i dont think its going to be a burner. My guess is that it sucks more than ever before. Just my guess

  7. This is what I'm talking about baby let's freaking go.. please make sure the anti cheat software works almost 100% these pos hackers and cheaters are annoying and ruin everything

  8. Get rid of all pc players, give them their own lobbies and just cross play consoles only, tired of all these pathetic cheats that can only get a hard on when hitting you cross map, game creators have totally failed in fixing this issue not sure to be honest if they would be liable to a law suit for failing to uphold their obligations for allowing hackers/cheaters/swamp dwellers/ sit down when they piss pathetic cheating cunts to totally dominate and ruin peoples enjoyment of what is a great game. We pay a lot of money for these games to be held responsible for proper gaming. I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!

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