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Welcome to Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer!! This is Call of Duty 2021 and it plays SILKY SMOOTH. Thank u so much to Activision and Call of Duty for allowing me to participate in the early access Beta, it was a ton of fun. This is the COD VANGUARD Beta and i got some nice snipes to go along with it. The Snipers feel very smooth and powerful and i didnt even have all of the attachments unlocked yet. I was playing on a PS5 and was surprised at how smooth it felt, i think we are in for a great year as long as Sledgehammer stays on top of updates and community feedback. As always, enjoy 😀


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Intro song: 50 feet – Mateo Sun
Outro song: Sodium – Bones

About FaZe Scope
YO my name is Luke / Scope and ive been creating content online since 2009. I love making videos on a whole bunch of video games, but i mainly upload Call of Duty. I’ve been playing Call of Duty since 2007 on COD4, and im passionate about using a sniper rifle very aggressively. I livestream every day on Twitch and love interacting with my chat. I joined FaZe Clan on 12/31/20 which was the best day of my life. There is nothing i love more than creating content on all social medias, and I appreciate anyone who checks that content out!


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  1. 2:26 holy shit is that the cod 2 snow map? It's frickin lit af. After seeing some gameplay finally I'm hyped for vanguard. None of that cold war crap anymore

  2. I can already spot over 29 reused assets from WWII and MW2019 combined.. can’t wait for them to try to milk our pockets for another year by releasing mediocre content into the game.

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