Call Of Duty Warzone

*NEW* Vanguard Warzone Pacific Map Reveal & Breakdown

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*NEW* Vanguard Warzone Pacific Map Reveal & Breakdown

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0:03 Intro
0:35 First Reaction
3:04 Breakdown

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  1. Raven: we got a warzone presentation can you do it?
    Director: but I gotta go to my grandpa's funeral..
    Raven: trust us, it'll be quick!

  2. Im ready but what Im not ready for is all the next lvl hackers that will get passed the anti cheat system with an anti anti cheat system thats what I'll m not looking forward too my K.d would be so much better if I was able to play without some sort of cheater ruining it is what it is hopefully the anti cheat works

  3. Verdansk is way better than this shitty map and vanguard looks so shit everyone is going crazy about it

  4. It looks dog shit 1.91 billion from moderen warfare and they could support warzone from the get go what a fucking joke. Vanguard looks shit.

  5. I'm not trying to be negative towards the game but I'm just hoping the anticheat actually works but the map looks like it's gonna be insane

  6. The one thing I'm looking forward to is being able to swim like in black out.. verdansk is dry as a Afghans flipflop

  7. Idc again nothing needs to launch with a br plz ffs man I'd rather the rest of the game be goood n then release a br even see if it's a game I want a br for like halo infinite same thing. But I don't want the br to cost the rest pf the game!

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