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The VANGUARD OPEN BETA: EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Play… (COD Vanguard Multiplayer Beta)

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The Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer reveal and beta kick off this week and there’s bound to be plenty of goodies from information and playable experiences in COD Vanguard. Today we’re going to break down everything you need to know in how to play COD Vanguard and what to expect out of the upcoming multiplayer reveal! This is everything you need to know about the Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer open beta!

Watch the reveal LIVE with me:

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  1. Ok, we need to fire the editor of this video (it was me, I’m the editor). I input the wrong visual graphic, but the audible dates are correct! Apologies, friends! Thanks for watching!

  2. COD has completely screwed the pooch on weapons… Red dot/reflex sights, forward assists…all didn't exist in WW2…incorrect scopes on weapons (and worse off lazily just copy and pasting reticles from mw & cw into the game), for all this…I am out…not buying this horribly made game (can't believe it took them 2 yrs to come up with this too)

  3. this game is just a placeholder for me cause i cant wait till bf2042 lmao.cant see myself buying this but hey beta is free

  4. Beta has no fov for console so the full game won't so hope all u console players avoid this game only way it will make them do something about it

  5. How do you download the beta from the PlayStation store when u pre order digitally , first time I’ve ever ordered digitally so dunno how this works

  6. I’m being so serious when I say that if there isn’t an FOV slider on Vanguard for PS5/XSX, I’m not buying it. No excuse to not have it in a normal COD game now that it’s fully crossplay. You just cant tell me next gen consoles cant support it on normal sized 6v6 maps. Why use an engine that’s so poorly optimized that a feature like that cant be implemented without breaking the game?

  7. I couldn`t be less hyped than this. I'm waaaay passed done with ww1 en ww2 games. I`ll probably online buy it because my friends are going to play it, but this isn`t going to be my main game for sure.

  8. Having the category of AR in a WW2 game is a tad silly, its not representative enough to merit its own category. The only way to really categorise them is to do what CoD WW2 did and have a generic rifle category which features carbines, battle rifles and automatic rifles.

  9. from what I see here … won't say big words but … much better than the new battlefield …the new battlefield is turned into another futuristic crap, something between overwatch and a bad call of duty (like black ops 3 or something….)

  10. Mr. Expreso, question for you, can the Alpha be deleted to make space for the Beta or does it have a use being installed? Love your vids btw!

  11. if there was no title i’d think this was WWll.. can tell this game will get boring after a few months,then it’s back to playing previous cods

  12. "Dynamic Weather," was created first on Call of Duty Rio over 2 years ago! Several videos on my channel incluiding the first tests from June 2019!!!

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