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Here’s what we know and what to expect with the WARZONE Anti-Cheat Update!
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In this video, we’re going over the WARZONE ANTI-CHEAT Update. As we know, Call of Duty WARZONE is getting an official Anti-Cheat later this year with the launch of COD VANGUARD, but as of right now, there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding the Anti Cheat itself, including when it’ll release, how effective it’ll be, and more. This video explains what we know about the COD WARZONE Anti Cheat and what may happen if it fails…

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  1. Yesterday we did get the confirmation that the Anti-Cheat is coming "slightly" after Vanguard's launch. Hopefully we get some more info soon. Thanks for watching!

  2. My cod dont even work anymore since the anti cheat came out it log me out my profile and i had log back in if i open the application to play cod

  3. It’s about time for the anti cheat. I hate loosing games cause of hackers. It’s so bad. Thanks for the content dude. 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. It's absolutely amazing how little everyone knows about software development and legal issues.

    You can't just build a new system and cram it into an old system. That creates more promlems than it fixes EVERY TIME. so if the anticheat was developed for the new engine, then it cannot be applied to the current one without completly breaking it. It probably requires updates from the new engine to even function.

    Legally lawsuits are a complete waste of time because cheat developers existing in many many different countries around the world. We're talking Activision would have to start lawsuits in literally dozens of different countries to potentially stop one single developer. And that's even if those countries even have laws against whatever the cheat developers are doing. Most countries don't because they aren't actually modifying the Activision source code. So there's no legal grounds for Activision to actually sue.

    As long as there's people wiling to pay for cheats, there will be cheat providers and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it legally. Especially since there will always be countries that just don't care enough to put laws in place to stop them. So as soon as they are stopped in country A, they will just relocate their operations and servers to country B and be up and running before the judges gavel comes down.

  5. They ain't gonna make no anti-cheat they make too much money selling the cheats then selling the games why I'm jumping off any cod game untill they show they have made one or stopped cheaters cause they ruined the game and made everyone waste there money

  6. Unless they go full on like valorant having an active scan there is no chance they will have anything.

    Kernel level hacks are very hard to stop especially at the top level where the developers are paying to validate their own drivers threw windows 🤣

  7. i cant fken believe i havent seen a hacker in 10 games i was losing hope this season but im playing again like a new game launch . people fken misses shooting snipers no more ninjas this is hard to believe

  8. The anti cheat will work well…. for a little while. The cheaters will eventually find a way around it and they'll be back. No question.

  9. If they are so confident they should wipe all stats k/d ect and see how many people are racking up kills quickly and watch the leaderboard and then watch there games

  10. Mw should stay mw they should put the time and effort in to vanguard they could have done us a solid and just added more wepons expand the story add multiplayer and battle royal maps and have us more tracers and operator pack I guarantee they’d prolly make more money how many people have you seen that haven’t bought at least one operator

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