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The NEW Warzone Map looks cool but there's a problem…

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Call of Duty Warzone has a new map coming, releasing this year and set in the Pacific. Let’s take a look at the first footage of this map, Anti Cheat, and dive in to some problems I think the Vanguard Integration may create… Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


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  1. I personnally can't keep up with the games, I started with warzone, love the game, bought mw to be able to upgrade the weapons and train more effectively. Then there is the battle pass and the micro transactions on top of the 60bucks game. Then comes coldwar 60bucks again and not even a year later comes vanguard 60bucks again ?
    Already with coldwar I just didn't understand why adding weapons to warzone that where already there like the mp5… it feels like warzone could become some sort of a spaghetti game in which you have to buy every ingredients separetly to fully enjoy your plate, knowing that they are expensive and that some of them you won't even use them again.

    The worst in my opinion, is that it's splitting the community and that for example mw is dying right now. Can't they have one game and capitalize on it.

  2. will it be hardware ban or only account ban? because it doesnt matter how good the anticheat is if you can make a new account instantly

  3. All I want, is for pc players to play with pc players, and Playstation and Xbox players duke it out with each other, with the option to choose to play with pc players.

  4. things like tanks and planes are fines in game where you RESPAWN OVER AND OVER, in a br it would literally be a game killer.

  5. Well, we’ve almost come full circle.

    Like we said when Cold War came out. And the 1984 Verdansk came out. Why wasn’t there a Cold War Warzone? A Warzone for just Cold War.

    Then now,, we could have a Vanguard WWII only Warzone.

    So each game series could have its own Warzone maps with only their guns, Vehicles and operators.

    Why not more choices?

  6. So how long until they let you BUY an ANTI-CHEAT Pass? Lets you buy youre way AROUND anti-cheat
    I can see those greedy fucks doing that. Pay $20 a month and you wont be checked for cheats

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