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Which Edition Should You Buy? (COD Vanguard) Standard, Cross-Gen, Ultimate Editions

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In this video i wanted to explain the different editions that you can purchase for Call of Duty Vanguard, Standard, Cross-Gen, and Ultimate!
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  1. So if I have a PS5 now and it says I can buy the standard edition can I buy that and download the next gen for free or do I have to buy the next gen even though I already have a PS5?

  2. I have a PS4 but I am getting a PS5 soon. Should I buy the cross gen bundle on my PS4? Will i also get the game for free on my PS5 when i get it?

  3. Can someone help me, if I buy this game on ps5? Can I play with friends on PS4? If so do I need cross play on?? Or can I have it off?? I don’t want to come up against PC boys. Or do I have to have cross play on as PS4 and ps5 are different consoles???

  4. If I bought GEN BUNDLE and I played on PS5 then my friend will copy the game and play on PS4, it will work ?

  5. If I bought the standard edition for my Xbox one will all my progress be wiped if I get the series X and re purchase it? Someone help asap

  6. I purchased the cross gen bundle because I still have a Xbox one but it’s not showing up for me to download the game🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. So I’m on Xbox one but upgrading to next gen in about a month if I buy the cross gen edition I won’t need to buy it again but if I buy standard on Xbox one I’ll need to buy the game again on next gen?

  8. greets from germany and big thx, the first 2 min gave me my answers befor i buy vanguard for ps4
    and i was wondering wich edition is the best for ps4.
    cross gen edition, has better graphic on Ps4, right ?
    now i see, you said, you would take the standard edition if you played on ps4. why ?

  9. Two IMPORTANT things to note;
    A: NO, Treyarch, a company known (after the release of COD CW) for having ZERO ethics, and caring Only about money; is NOT selling COD vanguard for 10$. I know that many of you will know this already, but there's a lot of stupid people (ignorant, IE: don't research anything before riding on impulse), and kids. So it should be said. When you go into COD CW, and look at the 'Event bundles', The first option makes it look like they're selling vanguard for 10$, and there's nothing to dissuade you from that notion. But it is only a cross-gen upgrade for the full game. On it's own it will likely do nothing. And so anyone that doesn't own a next gen console (or plan on buying one), or just doesn't care about the relatively minor grfx boost, will be wasting 10$ if they make this purchase.

    It is absolutely despicable the sorts of scams these companies get away with these days.. It's been mostly passive stuff until now, but if there's no warning upon purchase, that you need the full game in order for it to work, then this will be the first in-your-face straight up scam I've seen (that I can currently recall at 7am w/o sleep). I mean, it's the FIRST option, and immediately contrasted by the 130$ ultimate edition, and no sign of the base game besides with the ultimate edition.. The base game is on the PS store (for 90$), but not in the game.

    PS: if I'm wrong about this, and they're actually selling it for 10$ via a temporary event/low-key apology for how shit CW was upon release, and how flaky it was even months later (and the fact that it's the only way a lot of people would buy it after having endured CW, especially with BF2042 on the horizon); then please feel free to let me know. I'm currently just going off logic, based on the fact that companies typically never look at the big picture when it comes to how much more they'd make off DLC, if they just gave the game away. But then, they did do Warzone, so.. eh..

    B: Don't buy 'ultimate' editions of games ever, unless they're on sale, or come with season pass (which includes new large scale content like maps and levels). Cuz if you do, you're essentially dishin half the cost of another AAA game, for a few character skins that you're probably not even going to be aware of in the game anyways. In other words, if it doesn't significantly improve your gameplay experience, or if you feel the money could maybe be better invested elsewhere, then Don't do it! Avoid the impulse to 'look cool'. Chances are your friends either A: won't even notice/care, or say anything about your 'awesome new skins'; B: they have them as well and it's no big deal to them; C: They will be jealous (because they lack the money, or were just smart and decided against ultimate), and will just hate/be annoyed by you for bragging about it.

    To sum it up, big corporations don't need you or your money, they just expect it, so stop giving it to them. Do the world a favor and buy a game that's actually fun (like BF2042), instead of giving more money to a company like Treyarch, that puts more effort into adding overpriced micro transactions, than they do into fixing system crashing bugs.

  10. To me, this is the most important question that seems to be forgotten, is the game cross-platform like CoD MW & CoD BO Cold War? Can I play against PC, Xbox & PS players? If not, that's a big let down.
    Cross-platform = online game longevity.

  11. Yooo looking for some help. I bought the ultimate edition on Xbox like a month ago. Since then I started playing on pc, when I go to try to launch anything other than warzone it say i do not own the game. Anybody know what I need to do? Or I have to buy it again?? T.I.A.

  12. I bought vanguard on my ps5 for £50 but it says upgrade for £10 does that mean that I am playing the ps4 version of the game?

  13. So.. just to get this straight if I have a PS4
    And I want to play with a friend with a ps5
    Can we both just buy the standard edition?
    Because we got screwed on battlefield 2042

  14. I own a series x and 60hz 4K TV. Is it necessary to buy the cross gen version or i can buy the standard one? Since I don’t want to play 120fps.
    What will i miss in this case?

  15. I have a playstation 5 and playing the free version , are you saying if I purchase the game I get higher frame rates ? Also will have a better experience cause it keeps dropping me and server issues ? Am I only getting 60 without buying the game then ? Thank you

  16. If I get the $70 version do I get the map packs to come with it or do I have to wait and buy them separately please let me know

  17. What are people missing out on if they bought the standard on ps4 then come across and ps5 and keep the standard instead of paying 10.00 for the upgrade

  18. I followed your link and read the whole article.

    But I still didn't see the difference in the graphics between the standard set and the cross gen bundle?

    The article does not describe anything about this.

    I have an Xbox Series X, will I see a difference in the 3d graphics on this console between the standard set and cross gen bundle?

    Does it make sense to overpay?

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