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Will Vanguard be a Good Call of Duty? (My Initial Gameplay Impressions)

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I had the opportunity to play the CoD: Vanguard Beta early and in today’s second video, I wanted to share all of my initial thoughts and impressions from the 2.5-3 hours capture session I experienced. What are your thoughts based on what you’ve seen so far?



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  1. I’m sure the game will be fine, I just can’t bring myself to care about another historical shooter. WWII makes me wanna fall asleep.

  2. COD fan: I see small maps with no objective gameplay.

    I will buy despite the fact this is the same as every other COD game for last 20 years. ??

  3. My major complaint is the weapon imbalance. Like the STG, Tommy gun, 3 line Rifle, and Mp40 pretty much control the beta. The m1 grand ADS is ridiculously slow. Especially if you tact sprint. And has high flinch. Snipers have no flinch major problem. But I’m happy they actually kill in one shot compared to CW. The BAR shoots slow which is fine but it’s DPS is shit and idk what it is but It seems like all the guns in the game have different levels of flinch while the STG, Tommy gun, and Mp40 got little to no flinch at all. These things need to be fixed cuz all people are gonna do is find the guns with the highest ROF and murder people. Remember AW where the game was ran by the BAL, HBR, ASM1 yeah regular players hated AW because of that because of the lack of versatility along with supply drops

  4. Honestly, audio is really is hard to get right. On one hand, you should be able to run around without foot steps being too much of a problem. But on the another, someone shouldn’t be able to seek up to someone so easily.

  5. Going to wait to see if their anti-cheat is better this time before I go buying another game and can't play cause of rampant hackers.

  6. The game looks worse than Cold War and Cold War looked worse than Modern Warfare and I really don't like the maps. I hope they add a barebones mode because those attachments on WW2 weapons are just stupid .

  7. 10 cods “ this is a beta game theses are things we hope they change or fix “ game comes out and what you played in the beta was the game ?

  8. A fast paced COD with gunsmith and MW engine and Cold War Zombies? Sounds like a good COD but i just don't feel a need to buy it, which is a shame. Hopefully a zombies trailer will bring me in

  9. This just looks waaaay to quick. I used to love COD, but I’m quickly becoming a Battlefield favourite. Its just too quick, and for me, not realistic

  10. I like that when u mount u can actually move while mounting also u can blind fire over walls to stay in cover

  11. My only complaint on your videos is the amount of commercials come on man I’ve literally watched four

  12. Looks cool to me, actually. I'm definitely in the minority though, in that I like depth of field, I like footsteps being audible, and a little bit of camping never bothered me one bit. And it's weird to me how people get upset over these things. Like, you're not a 1337 mlg pro no-scope dropshot 420 blaze it professional gamer. For the .1% of us that actually are, fine, I get it. Maybe we can make a game mode for them

    But the way people value this kind of……adhd headless-chicken playstyle where you're constantly just spazzing out, sprinting everywhere, bunnyhopping and generally causing nausea for anyone watching : p I'm just giving ya'll crap it's not a big deal. But imo the issue is that people have learned to value efficiency and score/kills over absolutely everything, because they've learned that from streamers and professionals. But for almost every single one of us, we're not good enough to warrant that. Bit like being at a family bbq and refusing a hamburger because it's not wagu beef, since that's what ramsay/oliver use in their 5 star restaurants

    Not to mention, if the game is about score and efficiency instead of fun, when it comes down to it a computer or ai with hacks could do better than any one of us, so why not play a round or 2 without sprinting or checking the score lol these developers poured their blood sweat and tears into these amazing, realistic worlds and interfaces and soundtracks. Why not stop and smell the digital roses?

    The first time I walked around in gta, not doing a mission or killing enemies, just genuinely walking….it was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. I was so much more immersed, I saw how much stuff I normally would have missed, and then when I did do a mission or a car chase, it was friggin amazing because I hadn't been doing mindless nonstop action the whole time : D Weird as it is, I value immersion and being a good team-mate and everyone having fun, playing semi-realistically where i'll give suppressing fire or cover my team etc etc.

  13. I think a ww2 game should be as close to what the men had. If the snow under your boot crunches then you should hear it. Call of duty is changing so much from what made it popular. Now the pros get on and everyone bases the games from these opinions, like the ghost perk you have to move to not be seen. who thought of that? If a major war broke out, would you not see anyone if they ran around like a chicken. Radar would pick you up so fast. Who cares if you have campers. How can you be a sniper if you constantly move. Might as well stop adding long range weapons if everything is run run run. I wish they would make these games realistic not always like a Fantasy.

  14. This game feels exactly the same as MW, same engine, same shitty slide cancelling, same stupid double sprint, mounting, and TTK. which is definitely not a good thing, MW in my eyes has the the worst cod multiplayer by a country mile and I’m worried that vanguard will closely follow suite

  15. it looks good, i just don't think it's worth dropping a hundred bucks on. i'm still boolin on ww2 tbh. everything feels less gimmicky with no disbanding lobbies and hardly any noticeable sbmm

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