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Call of Duty Vanguard Class Setup EXPLAINED | Vanguard Caliber System

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With the Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Reveal hitting earlier this week we got a bunch of new details on how the Vanguard class system is going to work including the new caliber system that I’ve been begging for.

Vanguard Primary Weapons
All Vanguard Assault Rifles
– STG44
– ITRA Burst
– NZ-41
– Volk

All Vanguard Submachine Guns
– MP40
– Sten
– M1928

All Vanguard Shotguns
– Auto-Loading shotgun
– Revolving Shotgun

All Vanguard Light Machine Guns
– DP27
– MG42
– Bren

All Vanguard Marksman Rifles
– M1 Garand

All Vanguard Snipers
– 3-Line Rifle (Mosin Nagant)
– Kar98k

Vanguard Secondary Weapons
– Machine Pistol
– 1911
– RMC-30

– Combat Knife

Perk 1

Undetectable while moving by Spy Planes, enemy intel, and Field Mics. Reduces effectiveness of Local Informants.

Reduce damage and health regen delay from explosives. Damage reduction increased while mounted, crouched, or prone.
Low Profile

Training in how to avoid detection by the enemy. Immune to the effects of piercing vision.
Survival Training

Maximized resistance to stun effects. Immune to gas.
Perk 2
High Alert

Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you.

Enemies appear on your minimap when they fire an unsilenced weapon.
Forward Intel

See indicators for enemy reinforcements on your minimap. Minimap shows a larger area.

Item unlocked at Level 23
Enemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markers at enemy death locations and hide the death markers of enemies you kill.
Perk 3

Extra lethal on spawn. Thrown lethals display an indicator showing the path of the lethal.
Double Time

Double the duration of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%.

Restock your tactical equipment every 30 seconds.

Item unlocked at Level 27
Carry two primary weapons.

0:00 Call of Duty Vanguard Create a Class
0:30 Vanguard Caliber System
1:30 Vanguard Gunsmith System
2:02 Vanguard Perks
3:00 Vanguard Multiplayer Gameplay Experience
3:45 Vanguard Multiplayer Beta Killstreaks
4:00 Vanguard Multiplayer Beta Perks
5:00 Vanguard Multiplayer Beta Field Upgrades
5:25 Vanguard Multiplayer Beta Guns

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  1. This is the dumbest thing eve, like seriously if you have even basic understanding of guns the idea of a 7.62 Tokarev stg makes no sense

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