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Change These Settings Before Playing! | Best Vanguard Beta Settings

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The first weekend of the Playstation Vanguard BETA is almost here and if you have it downloaded, you can already start adjusting your settings. In today’s video, I wanted to point out several settings that you should change to significantly improve the look of the game as well as your general gameplay experience. What are your thoughts on the amount of customization we have in the settings so far?



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  1. just got the PC version, on my Razer laptop with a RTX 2060 even at the very lowest settings (not the lowest preset, I mean I went and manually set every setting to it lowest) it looks like hot garbage and still doesn't give me a playable framerate. This is not a problem in either BO CW or Warzone. If they don't fix this I want my money back, I can play this game like this.

  2. They should get someone that understand sound to fix that. Wien someone standing 1 feet away and shoot it sound like they are 100 yards away. Its terrible. And the gun fire sound are terrible. If these sounds comes to warzone, its over. Its the worst ive ever experience in a game from 2021. Off let me know what you think.

  3. I saw another setting that automatically downloaded high quality textured as you play and it was making my game lag massively. As soon as I turned it off the stuttering and connection problems significantly decreased.

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