Call of duty vanguard

"COD Vanguard is NOT Historically Accurate"

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“COD Vanguard is NOT Historically Accurate”
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DESCRIPTION: Call of Duty Vanguard is NOT historically accurate. Red dot sights were NOT invented until 1975. Thank you for listening to Melvin. This is a big deal for him. He’s not aware that clown skins will be coming 3 months after launch LOL

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  1. LIKE + SHARE this video to help Melvin recover… or if you know someone who whines about the red dot sights lmao

  2. Actually, the reflex sight, which is basically a red dot sight, was invented in 1900 and saw limited use by the year 1918.

  3. "Red dot sights weren't invented until 1975." Correction: Red dot sights were a thing during ww2, they wouldn't use them as firearm attachments but they were used in planes like fighter planes for better aim.

  4. Isn't the history part of the game not suppose to be accurate. Wasn't that mentioned about the game? I think I may of heard something about that if I'm not mistaken

  5. Red dots for small weapons like rifles and pistols and such did get red dots in 1975 but red dots were invented awhile ago they just needed a larger device usually used on tanks planes and anti air.

  6. Wasn't Call of Duty's main staple that they were accurate in there firearms. Then they became a battle royal game.

  7. That's not true air planes used bigger versions of reflex sights at the start of WW2 but they didn't start to shrink them down for small arms use until after WW2 was over but they were not invented in 1975

  8. For people interested in history we really like the small parts of the design team and that’s why when they are not historically accurate they seem really not educated and that feels like they don’t put time into the video games they produce

  9. I’m a huge gun buff that was hoping for at least some accurate attachments, but they just slapped modern attachments on and claimed “immersion”.

  10. Its so infuriating seeing sights on things like the p.08 luger or c96 handgun that don't have any viable way to mount sights onto them. Getting good with iron sights for the weapons that only have iron sights would seem like a huge advantage and provide another "meta" to the games considering the p.08 was the first handgun chambered in 9mm and was the strongest handgun invented until the 357. Magnum

  11. The devs claim immersion but the first red dot sights weren't issued until the 2000s. It's just the point the devs claim. Like giving old General Grant an m1911.

  12. Cod vanguard isn't supposed to be accurate so idk why ppl like melving are still complaining. I mean look at the story mode.

  13. “You being a meanie”
    that’s good for a society because people can see what is wrong and change themselves

  14. That not the historical accurate the problem is the respect put toward real event and the fact that you continuate to finance and encourage company who are making bad game

  15. What is the point of a ww2 game if it's history is not accurate? people play just for fun then cod mw does that better than everyway vanguard does

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