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The Truth About The Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Beta!

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Today I give you the truth about the Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Beta. In this we look at the gameplay, maps, Create a Class and more. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. they should remove blind firing and mounting on the non 6v6 modes mw2 sucked ass and it not my opinion. yep radar and kill streaks should b options not perks.

  2. Im not sure about this game because
    Begin always look good and later sh… like cold war now ?
    Definitely not buying on relist date

  3. I’m gonna just pre order it even if I don’t like it I’m finna play zombies even if it’s bad it’ll still be fun

  4. Still a very stupid idea using the MW19 engine in too many ways especially if they're going to have zombies your not gonna be able to train them

  5. Bought a PS4 just to play the beta and uninstalled it after two games the colours are horrendous can hardly even see enemies

  6. IF you don't like using the same thing; then don't. As simple as that. Not like your at any disadvantage? as your gameplay in the background shows, you're no camper.

  7. BATTLEFIELD 2042! BUY IT! No SBMM. Everything good about vanguard will change once the game is released. Footsteps will be made louder so u sound like an elephant. Everyone will crouch walk to stay silent. This game will suck.

  8. Do people realize they just “having fun” bc is a new game? It’ll take 2 weeks of playing the full game and videos is this game being called boring will explode ??

  9. To be honest the trailer for multi-player had me jaded. It just felt like CoD World War 2 but with more advanced movement and peaking. Most of the weapons sound the same from Ww2 and just slightly polished to not sound like a Star Wars laser gun so I have a feeling it'll just be cod ww2 but with advanced movement and tactics

  10. I've watched a lot of these reviews today, to see how my own opinion aligned. I have to say, yours' is very well done! Fantastic job slasher ?

  11. I really thought this game was going to be absolute shit but I seriously had a lot of fun in this game. Was actually a pleasant surprise.

  12. I think I’ve had a pretty good break from call of duty that i actually had fun playing the beta. Idk how everybody feels about this game?

  13. Nah, looks like thus far this is a no-buy for me, and I've bought every CoD but one (Infinite Warfare) since World at War. I played a little bit of the beta and have watched streams and videos on it; the game looks and plays pretty horrendously. And for people saying "IT'S JUST A BETA!" … Betas these days are glorified demos and marketing tools more than what betas used to be back in the day. Not a ton will change probably by release, which is not that far away in the grand scheme of things. Also, how are they going to just add red dot sight reticles and remote controlled tanks to such a game? It kills the immersion for me.

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