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15 BIGGEST NEW PS5 Game Announcements That Broke The Internet

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The PlayStation Showcase 2021 was recently concluded, and it bought a plethora of new and exciting announcements. Let’s take a look at the 15 biggest announcements related to the PlayStation 5 and its games.


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  1. Good show but still wish there were better games, I got no problem with story based games but I'd rather have multiplayer games , i am not gonna be playing the spiderman campaign more than once that's for sure

  2. I can’t say anything grabs me that much. More God of War great, but I wouldn’t spend 50/60 quid on it. Same with Spider-Man and Wolverine.

    Star Wars, IF they don’t mess it up could be excellent.

    Hogwarts legacy is probably one of the few things that I could get behind.

    I used to work for Take 2, their release schedule always had maximum milk on it, GOTY edition, new platform editions – no-one should ever be surprised.

  3. I am more hype on 4 games so far , god of war ragnarok, Alan wake, spider man 2 and wolverine which is under development

  4. Xbox showcase will be better than this with all the world premiere trailers and gameplay. Can't wait for all the quadruple A titles coming up in game pass!

  5. When eveyone is deciding to buy a ps5 or super 3090 pc while im here sticking with my old ps3 that is about to die.. Im still happy tho

  6. FINALLY managed to track down and secure a PlayStation 5 but I won't have hands on it until the end of this month. BUT I am so happy to know I have a reason to be checking new titles out again! ???.

  7. Am I the only one who think 99% of games since 2019 are not deep enough to dive in, maybe Alan wake will help me remember what a good game is

  8. Anybody who buys this gta5 ps5 “release” is a moron that should get their gamer card taken away.
    Pay a couple million to be able to unlock the new dlc heist, grind out that heist 50 times, maybe you’ll be able to buy 1 new car. Or… you can unlock everything fast with these new limited edition ps5 ambassador shark cards.

  9. The PlayStation Showcase 2021 was enjoyable, ngl! ?✌ I'll be willing to make good next-gen games like these in the future! ?

    My most anticipated games are Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, GOW, Stray & Hogwart's Legacy only.

  10. Honestly I hate PS5 exclusives. Sure they are brilliant games I so want to play. However it is very annoying when scalpers are around and having to miss out or wait 4+ years for a godamn ps5

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