Call of duty vanguard

CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD PS5 Beta Multiplayer Gameplay

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CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD PS5 Beta Multiplayer Gameplay
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  1. Cod multiplayer is definitely not GameRiots forte 😂 enjoyed the vid nonetheless but you can tell he's not a COD player 😂😂

  2. HAHAHA that's cod….quick scoping with a sniper. Use any tactics or a shotgun a steady flow of salty tears comes through the mic.

  3. Yeah call of duty is just getting shittier and shittier they're running out of ideas I mean hell the last one was literally just sniper simulator 2020

  4. How many times is this game going to get copied and pasted?!? 🙄 you'd be a fool to purchase this ! Well unless your gen z

  5. This needs its own br expanded upon warzone even more than the br that warzone is otherwise cod players will be stuck with the already twitch reflex fps on small maps

  6. If this map could be next to the jungle map or some distance away it would be a competitor for the multiplayer experience towards bf[although not really but still great idea rather than chewing the same twitch reflex close combat action]

  7. So no because we can't have this precious gen graphics when Bf and far cry and other games are doing next gen(stalker 2)

  8. Looks a lot like cod ww2 & I thought that game was alright but this game is almost the same. After cod modern warfare 2019 it’s hard to beat

  9. The multiplayer is meh. But I'm interested for the story, especially since they use MW engine which is very good

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