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Dragons, Thrones & Dungeons! So much BURNING board game news!

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In this week’s tabletop, card, and board gaming news: there’s a lot of games coming on the horizon, but don’t stare into the sun – stare into your screen as we share all the latest board game news for September 2021.

Lethal Protector – VS System 2-Player Card Game
Skillful and powerful symbiotes, headed up by the originator himself, Venom.

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00:00 Intro
00:16 Dungeon Scrawlers
01:36 Lethal Protector (sponsor)
02:23 Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House
03:33 Matthew’s Favorite WiP Member REVEALED!
03:45 Paleo: A New Beginning
04:32 Queens Gambit board game
05:36 A Game Of Thrones: B’Twixt
06:23 Settlement
07:22 Is Netrunner returning?
08:17 Dog Park
09:06 Dog Lover
10:00 Vagrantsong

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  1. Matthew "the pun is ALWAYS intended" Jude.

    I really hope we see a virtual resurgence of Netrunner, that game was so good!

  2. I'm with you on Vagrantsong Matthew – looks great. When I got into this hobby it was all swords, orcs, wood and sheep – how far we've come!

  3. Thank you so much for shouting out Dog Park, Matthew! And thanks for adding to my to-play list. What a great selection of games.

  4. Winchester Floor Plan looks quite fun. Oh poor Paw-la, getting sasquatch can smacked out of frame 🙁 Is that some sort of edible product, imitation sasquatch meat paste?

  5. Dog Park is a beautifully produced game! It's such an exciting experience on the table too! Can't wait to chat more about it soon! Thanks for showcasing it =)

  6. If I’m not mistaken Wizards of the Coast actually filed for the card and digital rights separately. Rumors are circulating that they are implementing a magic the gathering spin off of Netrunner but it might be that they are rebooting the whole franchise.

  7. Wait…..Has no one commented on the little video for the Paleo expansion?

    What is up with the toad-licking hallucination?

  8. It's true. I can attest. Matthew is not a fan of co-op games.

    Though as a kind friend, he plays them with me anyway 😉

  9. That was interesting timing. Heading home from work and Matthew randomly brings up Diamond, Missouri… I'm driving through Diamond, Missouri.

  10. It’s so funny that you highlighted Diamond, Missouri in a joke because that’s a very tiny town 5 minutes from where I grew up and now teach. What are the chances? I can confirm that there are no ?there, but it is the birthplace of George Washington Carver. Great video!

  11. Matthew, this news show is so up my street it may as well be in my house! Except you were, on the TV… Digital cup of tea then? Least I can offer 😛

  12. Dog Park is an instaback for me. I've been following the pre-campaign hype and it sure looks like a game I'd enjoy. And I think if the campaign has a pledge level so backers can include a picture of their dog in a game, well, I think they'd raise roughly a bajillion dollars. Because dog people love their dogs more than they love their people.

  13. So… a board game about a board game is comming out, but is not that board game, is about the tv show of that board game, but not the actual tv show and its characters, but about how that board game is played in that tv show …. right…

  14. Here's a question for you: Whatever you have Twich steams in the future, do you think you can add the finished stream to Youtube afterwards, so that people that missed it can watch in their spare time?

    As for this news video, it was exciting to see Matt mentioned 2 games about dogs in the end. I wonder if someone could teach their dog how to play it if they bought the game.

    Otherwise, nice video.

  15. I'm excited to see Vagrantsong is trying to bring "haint" back into the public lexicon! It's my favorite term for the corporeally challenged.

  16. Flip & Fill! Yay!!

    The mysteriousness of the Winchester Mystery House is greatly overrated. As far as I recall, there's one staircase that leads to nowhere. I believe there's one that leads to a door that opens to the outside and there's nothing on the other side of the door, but that's still technically leading SOMEWHERE. (The nowhere one leads to a ceiling.) The story is that Mrs Winchester was afraid of all the ghosts of the people her husband's guns killed, so she just kept building rooms so it would be harder to find her. No matter how hard the tours try to snake around and confuse you, my nephew said it best when asked what he thought: "A bunch of rooms." Original Floor Plan made you create a home far weirder than this one. This "sequel" feels more like finally giving players an excuse to have 16 kitchens.

  17. Vagrantsong looks amazing. Also, I have no idea how Dog Park will be played but it gave off similar calming vibes that I get when playing Wingspan. Will definitely be keeping the both of them on my radar!

  18. Question…for the upcoming Kickstarters mentioned in the news segments, would it be possible to include a link to the KS preview page?

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