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I GOT THE ATTACK DOGS AND… Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Beta

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  1. The beta looks better than the alpha for sure, but this is gonna be a pass for me this year. I might change my mind when the open beta comes around and I play it but its not looking great.

  2. Literally just watching these videos to support you, I personally could care less about the game. It looks exactly the same as WW2, and its a HUGE step backwards from Cold War, which was already a HUGE step back from MW2019. Idk, just a big let down.

  3. I think MW 19 is just a better game. I probably won't get another cod until MW2 (new one) comes out. MW 19 is really good. I don't understand why people complain about it, then again I play it on pc so I usually dominate the lobbys which is why I enjoy playing it lol

  4. Meh, so much meh. Vanguard is a Warzone weapon leveling app for me. I hope this clunkiness doesn't migrate to the new Warzone map. This could be a disaster in the making both for players and for Activision.

  5. That’s crazy with the attack dogs 😂 😂. Why allow access to something you haven’t put in the beta yet 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. This is the first negative vanguard video ive seen…everyone else is loving it? Dont forget that you can select what type of pace/lobby size you want in the finished game. I actually enjoy the hunt instead of headless chickenfest so not too concerned.
    No show for the dogs is bad though..hope they fix that! Im not sure why there are so many dissy comments here..surely one thing we can agree on is the graphics look totally awesome!
    Of course it looks like WW2….its a WW2 shooter..but the maps look really vibrant and fun and theyve mixed in some modern attachments.
    Its all about the maps and they look great..its got the MW engine and the gunplay experience from most other streamers is very positive so im still looking forward to this…but its a beta right..things will need fixing.

  7. Each cod game is more and more broken. The series has been dead for a long time as far as I’m concerned. It’s very clear Activision is on the same path with cod as they were with guitar hero

  8. Activation should give all the players that buys this game MW2 remasterd!? Only way to save it!! Tho Warzone could already killed COD :/

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