Call of duty vanguard

Call Of Duty VANGUARD: The BEST WEAPONS To Use! (Vanguard Beta Best Weapons)

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Here’s the BEST WEAPONS to be using in Call of Duty VANGUARD!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the BEST WEAPONS to be using in Call of Duty Vanguard! The COD VANGUARD Beta is officially here, and in this video, we’re going over the Best Weapons to use and level up while the beta is live! These are the top weapons to be using in Vanguard at the moment and it’s well worth ranking them up and unlocking the best attachments for them!

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  1. question someone knows if we level up the weapons in the beta its stay level up when the game is finally out?

  2. You killed someone that had an Stg-44 and it said when you ran past it that it shot 22 LR which is hilarious because if u shot someone with it in real life it would take like ten well placed shots

  3. What's up with the sliding in this game? I use auto sprint and right stick R3 to slide. You have to jump or let go or hit to start running again

  4. This game is amazing. Thought I wouldn’t like it with ww2 but love the guns love the fact it’s mw engine. Hated Cold War. Just wish they would ditch sbmm..

  5. Also, on the smaller more walled off maps likes the Moutain lodge one and the Hotel Royale the MG42 is amazing for wall bangs and clearing material.

  6. Wtf 5 minutes in and not 1 word about what guns to use. I dont give a fuck what all other bullahit you have going on if you make a video like this just get on with it ffs

  7. Honestly don’t let this video stray you from the tommy gun feels just like it did in WAW powerful and holds a lot of ammo I’ve been melting with it

  8. I have a question. If you grind weapons lvl and just lvl after the beta do I keep it or do I have to grind for it again?

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