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FIRST IMPRESSIONS of VANGUARD Multiplayer… (COD Vanguard Beta)

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In this video, I give my first impressions of Call of Duty Vanguard! This is my first time playing the COD Vanguard beta. Is this the nail in the coffin for COD MP or the start of something good?

FIRST IMPRESSIONS of VANGUARD Multiplayer… (COD Vanguard Beta)

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  1. Is there really a difference between sbmm and the old match making system? Because I don't notice any difference…cods lobbies have always been up and down with skill level

  2. I’m like you, I’ve been playing since WaW where you had to take your beatings and learn. The last few CODS have been boring af. They were bland. Kill streaks instead of score streaks promote not playing objective. To each their own, but I’m just done with COD. This will be the 3rd COD I won’t be buying.

  3. The last fun COD to me surprisingly was Advanced Warfare simply because it was something refreshing and new that we had never seen before and the game itself was actually good after that other than Black Ops 3 its been like a snoozefest year after year smh

  4. They've added that action progress animation to MW, so when you open a door or interact with anything, you can't move while the progress circle is up. And you can't see the enemy for a mil sec.

  5. bro i swear cod is so lazy to fix the audio for the enemies cause you can hardly even hear them in general its so tragic

  6. I really dont like this tbh. For me bo4 was good cause im not that old and i havent played that many CODS, bo4 was the first cod that i fell in love with and to me, graphics of bo4 are better than all the current cods and as well as gameplay.
    In this cod i REALLY dont like how the crosshair moves as you moves its kinda weird lol

  7. When it comes to your points on lobbies disbanding, as someone in their 30s, playing since modern warfare 1, people used to like game chat, but every adult I know wouldn't touch game chat with a 10 ft pole… The whole narrative, making friends and enemies, relies on players wanting to engage with the toxic community, which people just don't want to anymore. We got party chat thank you very much, and that ain't disbanded…

    I think more than anything you want to be able to stay with a lobby full of noobs your crushing, and that's why you really have a problem with disbanding.

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