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FREE Vanguard Weapon Blueprint, Level 30 Cap, & BETA Feedback Incoming…

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While playing the Vanguard BETA you can earn an exclusive weapon blueprint, work on the Season Five Battlepass, and grind for a bunch of Vanguard attachments.


COD: Vanguard BETA ALL Unlocks (Dogs, Weapons, Gunsmith, & MORE)

COD: Vanguard BETA Combat Pacing & Patrol Mode

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Call of Duty Vanguard Official Teaser

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Exclusive Weapon Blueprint
1:00 S5 Battlepass Progression
1:40 Weekend 1 / Unlocks / Feedback
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Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play Call of Duty game developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows. Warzone is also a component of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Call of Duty: Vanguard. The game features two main modes, a Battle Royale mode and a Plunder mode.


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  1. I really want the classic mini map back and not have a perk which is now crutch perk. Enemy visibility needs to be improved. Suppression needs to be removed entirely. Cod is an arcade shooter. Nobody wants it. Audio needs to be improved all around. Flinch needs to be reduced for regular guns

  2. Never had such little fun in a beta.
    Extreme lag. Stupid amount of flinch makes gunfights random. No scorestreaks. Sprint to fire seems incredibly low. Tac sprint is terrible. They told us we’d have access to combat pacing but we don’t. 6v6 is so boring and slow.

  3. 6v6 is too slow, spawn delay is unessesary, having the mini map as a perk is annoying, maps are not structured for 6v6, suppression sucks, Ttk is inconsistent

  4. I was a fan but I agree with the sound being off in game and I did have some gnarly glitches. The Goliath tank sucks ass it can kill u by running u over

  5. On the PlayStation 4 when being in a party with game volume at max it was silent for 5 games in a row the only things I could hear was dogs being called in and the v2 rocket

  6. It’s fun but I’m just ranking up to get the blueprint, I’d rather play Cold War right now but that’s not fair since it’s a complete game vs a beta version… but overall I’m excited to see what I’ll be like upon release. Currently using the sapper class for ghost and radar plus the assault rifle is nice

  7. The game feels very rough balance wise. STG and MP40 kill in .5 seconds, while everything else is a sloth regarding damage. The muzzle flash haze is very annoying and throws off my gunfights. Audio is weird, aim assist still sometimes sticks when it shouldn’t, sliding on stairs forces you to look up, etc etc

  8. All of these complaints and feedback we have about this beta I guarantee a majority won’t be changed at all they did the same thing in mw19

  9. Also the lack of sound is so bad. No one shuts the fuck up for two seconds, but we don't get told when a lethal killstreak is incoming? Ive heard ones for recon planes but not glide bombs and the minigun. Also on Guvutu, it's the middle of a rainstorm and you don't hear the rain hitting or the wind blowing at all. They NEED to fix that

  10. I'm on PS4 pro and don't hear any footsteps, nor my own gunfire…very muffled, I can hear the rcd car goliath anywhere on the map, it's totally messed up…

  11. This game has the same issue that is still a problem in WAW from Treyarch in 2008 at that is the spawns the maps are larger and diverse but you can’t enjoy it because it forces people from both teams to spawn in the same place at the same time.

  12. Tried out the beta and came to the same conclusion as everyone else. This game straight up fuckin sucks. Yet another year of disappointment but this year we will have Battlefield and halo to look forward to

  13. I love sweating my dick off to finish the BP & prestige ranking as quickly as possible with zombies so i dont gotta do it more than i have to. Hopefully Van’s MP isnt as garbage as CW.

  14. Don't know if its just me, but I almost never hear enemies. They never seem to hear me either. If the enemies are further away I even hear them better then up close.

  15. Ps5 I’ve been enjoying it but yeah audio is rough but aside from that it runs great looks great and the guns all play nice in my opinion.

  16. Red Star doesn’t belong in 6v6. Graphics are super weird and the blur affect messes with your long range vision. Overall game quality seems kind of low when compared to Cold War. Also the texture quality is pretty bad which is surprising. This is all on PS5 btw!

  17. I like how cod do this call the betas open but u can't access unless pre ordered like this beta. It's open on the 18th to 20th only 3 days how is this a open beta just call it closed beta.

  18. Spawns are definitely better but still messed up for one. And hit detection / centering with the snipers is definitely off , had a couple shots throughout my grind there’s the ones I hit and the ones I shouldn’t be able to hit I didn’t

  19. This game doesn’t even look like WW2 with all this shit on the guns and stuff, it’s more like an Alternate reality or something, I heard there’s no factions or anything. Why the fuck do I wanna play a WW2 game that’s literally as historically inaccurate as you can get and that is more frustrating than fun it seems. Hard pass for me dog.

  20. ammo box gives your weapon away to anybody using it at the same time you are using it …. have you noticed that

  21. Spawns are horrible. Some players are running around like cracked out rabbits while others are barely moving. The audio is very muffled. I have to turn up my headphones just to hear my own weapon. Leveling up and weapon leveling takes forever.

  22. Are we even gonna be able to play as Axis characters or is it all just gonna be allied ones? Cause in Cold War we could play as the bad guys and good guys same with modern warfare. I am asking cause all the outfits being worn look like allied ones.

  23. Question will i get the blueprint for reaching level 20 on the free download beta that dropped on Playstation this weekend ?

  24. I don't know if you just need to get to level 20 or finish level 20 to get the blueprint so I finished level 20 before quitting lol

  25. I jumped on Cold War last night after playing Vangaurd all day and dayum CW feels alot faster and time to kill in CW is way better so is the flinch too not hating on Vangaurd but CW felt better to play between the 2

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