Call of duty vanguard

5 INCREDIBLE Alternatives To Call Of Duty Vanguard

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With the recent gameplay of Call of Duty Vanguard, it looks just like another run and gun insane shooter. So what are some alternatives? Lets look at some INCREDIBLE world war 2 (and not so) first person shooters.

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  1. HLL has also a great and friendly community with alot of friendly clans no toxicity and people actually whiling and happy to help you get better. It is a fantastic game and the developers are super close to the player base, which is very rare in the gaming world now our days. Good job for the video man keep them going.

  2. Battlefield V is quite decent now. I still think that european front have like 2 good maps and customization is poorly done, but pacific content is amazing. I paid for it like 5 usd and its worth it for quick match before sleep or somethink like that. Not to mention that gunplay and movement is superb. Still like BF1 and Hell Let Loose is best WWII game out there, but its is worth to try BFV if you can get it for low price or have Xbox or EA pass.

  3. Enlisted is excellent. Considering everyone starts out with Bolt actions that can kill you in one shot, you can still easily place in top 1/3 of your team even with some Pay to win mechanics. I'd encourage anyone interested in just giving it a shot considering the, "free" price tag.

  4. I don't see the point of this video, cod and hll are 2 completely different games. No one buying cod is expecting a realistic team work experience , it's been the same for years. Why is everyone acting shock?

  5. Personally I'm actually a big fan of Enlisted. It's free to play so I understand if many people would be skeptical of it, but I enjoy it. I think it has a good balance between realism and gameplay.

  6. I can still remember my first battlefield one game. It was the day before launch (pre ordered) ballroom blitz, operations as the Germans.

  7. If NWI had put some love into Day of Infamy, I would totally put it on this list. Day of Infamy was an Insurgency Source mod that NWI turned into a standalone game. Unfortunately they stopped developing it at the end of 2017. In it's current state, it's got a lot of bugs, and the playerbase is basically non-existant. Still I enjoy the SP experience (bugs and all) as the bots are decent and I love the balance between realism and accessibility.

  8. When playing as Hiroshi Funasaka Lauri Torni or Michael Wittman ? kinda sick to always play an anglo saxon dude at same theaters and battles like 20 years ago

  9. I'll pick arma 3 with ww2 mods to any ww2 game I've played. Sadly none of the other give me the "in combat" feeling compared to a3.

  10. I'm sick of being made to believe every other soldier in WW2 was d i v e r s e. I don't oppose diversity, but I'm sick of it being crammed into every single thing for no reason.

  11. My problem with hell let lose is that their is no ticket system in the game its a fun game i can have fun with it but when i play it just about every person on it just rushes the point and dies then does the same thing again and again

  12. I haven't had that much fun w/ a game as I'm having with Enlisted rn in decades. It's the literal opposite of CoD and run&gun bs in games. Every match feels like a war, you have to invade lines of enemy positions, there are so many historical weapons (100+) and most of the soldiers use the regular ww2 infantry weapons, like bolt-action rifles.

  13. I’ll probably get vanguard eventually after getting a new pc since I prefer single player, but if it’s as eh as WWII.
    I’ll defintiely get he’ll let loose tho

  14. Enlisted is in some things better then BFV and Cod vanguard
    – its free to play
    – its only beta so in future it will be even beter

  15. Call of Duty WW2 and Vanguard are absolutely horrible. I will say good ol' Call of Duty World at War beats WW2 & Vanguard.

  16. Hell Let Loose is definitely the best ww2 of all time. It's needs a little change to the zeroing the one capzone problem but other than that is great

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