Call of duty vanguard

Here’s Why Call of Duty Vanguard Beta Is Garbage | Beta Review on PS5

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Review of the CoD Vanguard Beta


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  1. Shame about your mic its hard to make out what ur saying, the quality is not good and u are whispering too much, because we need more ppl complaining about this quality, it rly is subpar, i think this is worst than WAW in terms of quality and that game is over 10 years old, how they have fallen, but tbh, the last cod was already pretty poor and their 2015 ww2 game was horrible.

  2. Subbed man, I think this channel looks interesting. The sound quality of your mic can improve yes, but don't worry too much about getting better equipment because quite frankly there are too many of these professional-sounding and presented creators as it is; I prefer these raw guerrilla-style types of videos that is more focused on enjoying the process than fixation on views/ad revenue.

  3. whats shocking to me is that a lot of people actually thought this game would be good…….i dont have fun playing COD anymore, it just raises my BP

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