Call of duty vanguard

Smooth Vanguard PS5 Gameplay

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Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Beta Gameplay on PS5.

Here is some COD Vanguard beta multiplayer gameplay on PS5 from yesterday, I am playing on controller and usually play Mouse and Keyboard on Modern Warfare and Warzone so I’m not the greatest… ( i still got some nice killstreaks and clips) Next weekend I will play the open beta on PC, I hope you enjoy and have a great day 🙂

Outro Song :
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Flamethrower Streak #1 0:00
Death Machine Streak 2:47
Clips / Highlights 3:47
Outro Flamethrower Killstreak 4:54


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  1. Hit markers sound like sh*t and overpower the sound of the guns. Other than that I'm really excited. Hopefully they adjust audio issues though.

  2. I don’t like how the announcer talks so much, he doesn’t need to say double kill and fury kill and stuff, leave that for halo.

  3. This looks better than BF2042 tbh. After playing the beta I’m really shocked how buggy and ill performing that game really is.

  4. I'm .relatively new to this channel but if I got killed in vanguard by you I wouldnt be mad. It would be an honor to die to the hand of a legend

  5. I like the MP, just not like REALLY like, not like BO1, the campaign is really exciting ngl, Zombie, I like Outbreak, but Im still kinda sad its not a round base map (as far we know and assume)

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