Call of duty vanguard

is CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD Worth it? NO Because Cod Vanguard Beta is Bad

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In this video I talk about why the changes made in call of duty vanguard are in effort to make the game more casual and for noobs and why cod vanguard is not worth it as well as some info about the new cod 2021 because of these changes cod vanguard is trash and bad.


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  1. Nerfing footsteps is good in my opinion. Makes the game fair. That way other players with $60-$100 can’t gain an advantage towards players with lower value headsets or players without one. So its more skill on skill cause you’ll be on the same turf.

  2. Very solid points and an overall good video. The only thing I trust the big youtubers on is their guides, and even those are fucked up sometimes bcuz their all in some huge race to see who can get their video out first. I never trust their opinions on games tho for the exact reasons u stated. U need more exposure man.

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