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COD: Vanguard Multiplayer is a DISASTER

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Weekend 1 of the Call Of Duty: Vanguard Beta is over!… Thankfully.

Going to keep it 100 in this one and just explain my raw thoughts and frustrations with this game, as it is set to become the next game in the current 2-game streak of high SBMM, casual-catering Multiplayer titles that I do not enjoy in the slightest. I wanted a sequel to COD: WWII this year… Not a WWII spin-off of Modern Warfare 2019. SBMM is rampant already almost confirming its return this year for launch. Ugh… I just want to enjoy my favorite video game series again, and not feel punished by it.

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  1. I just want to be going into a COD game again, not cutting it some slack, thinking "this feature and that feature will be there but I'm gonna have to put up with it", I want to be INSTANTLY HOOKED on the game and be making time in my day FOR the game again. It hasn't been that way in so long for me. What are your thoughts on Vanguard at the moment people?

  2. I love Modern Warfare 2019 and I think it’s one of the better cod’s. But vanguard just feels wrong. And that’s coming from someone who loved MW2019.

  3. I have not completed watching the vid yet, but HOLY SHIT MrTLexify subbed to you? That's absolutely insane man, i've been watching since the days of you making the different weapons of cod in the gunsmith of MW2019. I never would have imagined this, you have come to far and watching it all the way has been insane, i am so fucking proud and happy to be amongst the people subbed to you, now i will go back to watching the video lmfao.

  4. Torn between calling you a gigantic soft ass pu$$y and just being happy that I didn't have to wait 2 months for an upload. Still not sure where I land so this is where my comment ends.

  5. Just don't buy it for a change. "ActiVision Blizzard" also committed disrespectful workplace practices as well shredding up their evidence.

  6. Alright just finished the video and well, yeah. I agree with everything you said, i hate MW2019 but at least it felt good to play, playing this didn't even feel amazing, i hated the fact dead silence was back AS A FIELD UPGRADE, i hated the fact SBMM was so insanely high, like shit i won 3 games, all three of those games i went positive and got into the top 4 of the leader board, and well safe to say the rest of my experience was getting shit on by the best players in the world. In reality as soon as i saw super sprint and mounting i knew i was going to dislike this cod, i swear getting killed by a player super sprinting around a corner at mach 10 gave me PTSD, as soon as i got destroyed by a cross map player mounting i knew i was done with this game. I promptly turned the game off, deleted it, and went to play another game. I think this truly is the end of cod for me

  7. You say that vanguard is losing call of Duty's identity, I'd say Cod lost it's identity at advanced warfare, and mw2 didn't have boring simple 3 lane maps, it had a large variety of maps and the one map I think comes close to a BO4 map is Scrapyard, and even then that still had a lot of verticality, and for those people that say that Call of Duty is going down the toilet because it's going towards the casual cod playerbase, well guess what, call of duty got big because it was casual. Sure there were things like promod but those cods didn't focus on being competitive or going towards the deepest players of Call of Duty (if they did they might as well kept the same mood they gave to way in the og titles and Cod 4). There is a point where I am just looking at the hubris people say when they say they want an old style cod game when all you want is a BO4 clone, with shitty 3 lane maps and everything to be the most competitive cod game ever when the franchise never got big when it was competitive. Seriously the modern cod fanbase deserves to just look like clowns at this point.

  8. New to channel but love the video. Totally agree with your thoughts though.

    I had of issues with the beta over the weekend. Audio, visuals and sbmm the most common ones.

    I had a really strange one when calling in care packages. Most of them didn't appear but a few actually bounced out of the map even though I wasn't particularly close to the edge.

    The only thing I actually didn't mind was the sniping although being quickscoped again is pretty annoying.

  9. I am now an Xbox frog as I find it so hard to find a PS5 so I am yet to actually expereince this game for myself, but I will this coming weekend and sadly, I am not hyped. I have seen a lot of gameplay from YouTube and Twitch and I have not been blown away, I see that the SBMM is still present and I see all the little bullshitty things such as what you mentioned about the radars etc. I get upset because I love CoD, and I just want to have a fun time, and I honestly can not. It looks so slow! Only way I can actually enjoy CoD now a days is playing gamemodes such as 6v6 Face off on Cold war or Shoot the Ship on MW19, I miss the days I could enjoy playing normal Domination on all maps. I see with this Blitz mode it is catering more for the higher player count and kinda sweeping away the traditonal 6v6 that has been present since forever.

  10. Couldn’t have said it better myself I had played WAW and some of the first 3 Black Ops games at my neighbors house but WWII was the first game that made me a Call of Duty fan and I loved watching it evolve and improve the formula and from mid 2018 to the present it remains my favorite FPS multiplayer even over BF1 and WAW and MWR but in recent years cod titles have felt more and more gimmicky and all the skills I learned playing WWII and MWR that have helped me get better and enjoy more FPS games have just felt either neglected of straight out punished for improving.

  11. Completely agree with everything you said, the sbmm for me is worst than the hackers, I honestly can't remember the last cod I actually enjoyed, black ops 2 probably.

  12. Sometimes I just don’t get the development for COD. We all complained about doors, mounting, mini map that doesn’t work correctly, dead silence as a field upgrade, slide cancelling, big maps, thicc SBMM etc, and what do they do? They add it all back in again and add blind firing also.

    The fact that we have to use a crutch perk to get a working mini map and play special “combat pacing” game modes just to play Call of duty normally again (pre MW19), just shows what type of players they are making call of duty for at the moment. I just wish they had us long time hardcore fans in mind when making cod instead of just the casuals

  13. Put your money where your mouth is and don’t buy it. Thats what im doing and thats what everyone needs to do. BF Will then blow cod put the water and they will actually be forced to improve the game

  14. you're just doing it for clicks, there is objective criticism and empty rants, this game is more stable than MW, it's just a beta, saying it has problems i get along with that, but claiming that the game is disaster, is just begging for more attention, SBMM is just another selfish COD community thing, every player in this community just wants a lobby with bots … , all think that they have crazy skills that just couldn't get to the top, because of that, the truth is most people are on the same level, and people that are bad, play in a way to make the game as hard as possible for the better players to get streaks .. it's as simple as that, it's not SBMM, it's just people most people who suck play in a sweaty way, they hide in corners .. they understand the game better, but their shot is never up there it's still mediocre … , even PC players complain about SBMM in WARZONE and they all know that they have a huge advantage compared to console players, the FPS, the FOV the faster input response, everything is better … and they still complain about SBMM, in the last year, it's been hackers, because they're way worse … people should stop complaining … the developers can't force people to not play in a crappy way …

  15. In my opinion as someone who has played since waw I don't think the cod sbmm is bad. Every game of vanguard so far I have got multiple kill streaks and went positive. The problem with this game is that it plays like mw2019. Mw2019 didn't play like a mw game it played like a sequel to ghost. I know people like those games but personally I wish we could have games similar in quality to the mW trilogy or the black ops trilogy. After 2012 the only cods I really liked were bo3, mwr and bocw because they felt similar to the cod I fell in love with. Infinity ward went from making some of the best cods of all time to making the two worst cods ghost and mw2019 and I fear sledgehammer could be following in their foot steps.

  16. I personally thought that MW 2019 was one of the most polished cod games in awhile (before the shitstorm of anime skins and such) but the sbmm ruined it for me and that’s why I quit cod. Splitgate has been treating me so much better.

  17. 2:03 "for what reason?" for the same reason you think dying because you don't see everyone on the minimap 24/7 is an issue: bad positioning and shitty enemy awareness

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