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FULL Vanguard Vs Modern Warfare COMPARISON! (Which Game's Better!?) COD Gameplay

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In this video we compare the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta side to side with COD Modern Warfare 2019 Multiplayer to see all the similarities!


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  1. Same engine well that does it for me not worth a single dollar. Modern Warfare, war zone & cold war all suffer from the same major graphics issues with texture popping reducing the quality to ultra low graphics. See this on PC Xbox one and Xbox series x.

  2. u can pretty chill for the final ver. of vanguard i know ur gameplay of this vid is from the beta but overall its a very decent cod game for this final design…considerably

  3. Maps were the reason I reinstalled MW. Just way too much stuff going on and the spawns are just all over the place. Didn't uninstall Vanguard, but definitely giving it a break to see if they improve the problems it has.

    MW just feels way more polished in my opinion. But nothing wrong if you like the cranked style gameplay of Vanguard.

  4. mw:2019 is the bench mark of any cod that comes after is mw re skin but ppl like it..thats proof of the success of mw..
    if you like cold war then you like b04…im sorry but b04 is the worst cod that is boots on ground and only a few ppl like it

  5. From what i remember… MW2019 had a severe camping problem, which rendered most modes (except search and maybe hard-point) unplayable. I'm having fun in Vanguard playing all modes and pacings, my opponents have a variety of play styles and gunplay feels fresh.

  6. MW 2019 was the best mw after a long time. I love it and I will play It for another couple of years. It will be very difficult for Activision to drop another MW that is such a good and new game like MW2019. That only think I’m sad about is that they concentrated to much on Warzone and not on the Multiplayer, like all the cool skins and stuff like that are available only on Warzone and I don’t understand why. It just don’t make sense to me. Whatever, I played vanguard today and I would never spend 70 bucks for that sh*t.

  7. It’s strange, because if you just watched Call of Duty videos, you’d assume Modern Warfare was the best Call of Duty ever, but when you play it, you realise the opposite is true

  8. Vanguard gets the W.. just ot it and by far its better than warzone.. if warzone updates its system to vanguard then we got W+W

  9. I still play MW2019. Think its the best Online Shooter till today. Gunplay, speed, map design, ttk, is so good. Love Shoot House. Hopefully MW2 will become nice to in 2022-2023!

  10. modern warfare looks 10 years ahead of vanguard. only con is mw uninstalls itself on ps5 so im forced to play this grainy mess

  11. For me MW was better and more realistic it sounds and feels and also looks real, the detail in MW was better than Vanguard I mean the details in the characters were better the fire the explosives the maps are no where near as packed and cluttered as modern ware fare I’ve purchased all 3 from MW to Cold War to Vanguard and still for me MW was the best the only thing I use Cold War and Vanguard for is zombies which they did really well with in my opinion. I just feel like cold war and vanguard were kinda rushed to be made

  12. I think that Vanguard is way better than Modern Warfare. The call of duty community didn't like any of the other call of duty's except modern warfare. Sledgehammer is known to listen to the community. The entire community was saying that Modern warfare was the best call of duty so what sledgehammer did was build upon that. And yes they may have stolen the movement from Modern warfare but because of that movement it plays more fluid and fast paced. In my eyes all they did was listen to the community. They already have tons of feedback and they stated that the feedback they got will be worked on and probably will be seen in season 1.

    Overall I think Vanguard is a great game and I am definitely not done with it yet. I still like playing it and it doesn't feel slow-paced and annoying as Cold war did. I just think that the call of duty community is just being negative about anything except modern warfare. They want a better game than modern warfare but everytime they get something else than modern warfare they will cry about it. Just look at every call of duty game that did something new for example movement or for example jetpacks.

  13. you're saying cod vangaurd isn't colourfull but you're forgetting it takes place in WW2 which was dull and gloomy

  14. I have never played either of them mostly because I’m too poor for it and if I did have it I wouldn’t be able to get ps plus. I’d say that modern warfare 2019 is better just from the gameplay I’ve seen.

  15. Thank you so much Nick. I was debating between weather I should get vanguard or modern warfare because I’ve heard great things about modern warfare but vanguard was the new cod thanks to you I will definitely be getting Cod MW thank you again!

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