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Vanguard's Killstreak System is BAD!!! (Why We Need Scorestreaks Back)

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Here’s another rant about Killstreaks in Call of Duty Vanguard and why it’s just not good for the game at all!

Intro 0:00
1st Reason 2:08
2nd Reason 6:28
3rd Reason 9:13
4th Reason 11:04
Myths about Scorestreaks Debunked 12:48
Cold War’s System 14:52
Solution 16:09

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  1. That new feeling, cracking open the new box, sliding out the cardboard internals to see the device sitting there with a cover over its screen. The crisp, new smell it has. Peeling back the covering to reveal the immaculate screen, the cold untouched feeling it has from being in it's box. Powering the device up for the first time, the anticipation, your mind runs wild with the possibilities of all the fun you'll have in the future.
    Fast forward to the next morning, you sleep with it next to you at night only to excitedly wake up the next morning, you can't wait to use it. A true reason to wake up, literally jumping out of bed.

  2. On point, especially with the 4th point.
    To add: I used to run UAV and Counter UAV + a high streak. Reason being: in a score based stream, those UAVs give you extra score when enemies die from you and your teammates. Extra score allows you to get higher streaks faster.

  3. Honestly xpert, a thing i can ask is, Can we get the normal scorestreak system in League play AT LEAST! since thats what they did with CW LP, It would just help so much, Imo LP is a lot more fun cause the players ( mostly ) Play to win, and its fun to adjust, obv if these maps dont fit well with 4v4 we have to see but i think this is a good compromise

  4. He’s ignore how scorestreaks always sucks but isn’t perfect system in search and destroy we can’t get high streaks only if someone plant the bomb every time without dying. Kill streak is mandatory for Snd. I’ve played SnD on scorestreaks past games are horrible we have to run low streaks for SnD. Because of killstreaks return we can get high killstreaks again

  5. Your idea how kill multiplier on a timer is awesome it’s like implementing an element of cranked into the main game without obviously turning it into actual cranked

  6. In cold war, every match was triple uav up the entire time and cuav up as well. The scorestreak is a great system, but it needs reset points so people aren't able to just spam streaks late game

  7. Cant stand this multiplayer tempted go back to the last one luckily you can turn of cancel reload on sprint in settings but everything else is rubbish prefer score streaks

  8. I hate so many things they did to vanguard. They took many steps back with this game I’m about ready to abandon it alongside the money I wasted in the preorder and wait until the next cod if I even buy that.

  9. one if not the most important reason why me and my g/f dont buy this game , due to the scorestreak reset on death … now for me it doesnt really matter that much since my kill death ratio is pretty ok but for casual players like my gf having alot of deaths and not reaching long killchains makes it really not fun playing multiplayer knowing she misses out on alot of fun using scorestreaks

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