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There’s a MAJOR WEAPON TUNING UPDATE coming to COD WARZONE! ○ Subscribe and join the Immortals today!


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  1. The balancing act with the weapons is beyond me.. once a gun is good enough and majority starts using it…nerf.. you don't balance guns by nerfing everything all the time…smh

  2. So what weapons do you guys think are gonna be the next up and coming! I’d say the aug definitely along with the bullfrog but I haven’t been hearing much from the ak74u in a minute

  3. Ok. They forgot to nerf the shotguns and sniper rifles. Those are the weapons which are totally OP and they are used by most of the player right now.

  4. Raven – "We nerfed the OTs 7"
    Zac – "Awe what? I guess I'll just have to go back to the Mac-10….just a shame" (heavy sarcasm)
    *Also – Aug in play? hmmm

  5. If they make that Ak-47 recoil ven better than it is then it's gonna be my go to once again. The AK is allready amazing. ,

  6. Yanno…immortal is it possible the Amp 63 could be meta…I was fryin in trio quads with that gun the other night and soloed 2 squads

  7. I really miss the m16 days, m16 is my fav rifle irl so i would love to see it being atleast competative in the current meta

  8. the shitty truck and vehicle meta is back also BTW in solos i've played 3 games where i've got top 10 and all 3 game been 5 trucks driving round in the final circle ZZZZZZZZZZ

  9. Congrats on the channel growth, you're almost to a mil. I remember when you had just hit your 400,000 sub mark, way to go, keep it up Immortal ???

  10. Reducing damage and adding recoil to a gun is just throwing it to the trash, I guess there are no bundles with Krig to sell anymore

  11. Realistically-The constant tuning(changes) and meta changing is pretty nice..Wish it was like this all along it could have helped the overall playability of the game..

  12. I wish they would help the mw guns. Like last time they touched an mw gun they nerfed the mp5, mu fav gun, to being not good

  13. still dick riding the CW burst rifles, while leaving the FR 5.56 to rot. I'm not even gonna rant about it this time. Fuck this shit.

  14. Had fun following your channel over the years, but I'm done with COD. I've learned what a junk game it is and how horribly it's optimized. It'd be nice if these devs wouldn't make another game whatsoever. They don't care about all the people, just those who make them money. I deleted all COD games off my pc. Take care.

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