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COD Vanguard vs Call Of Duty WWII Comparison, PS4 Beta Gameplay

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There’s no doubt now that we’ve played COD Vanguard Multiplayer, on proper Multiplayer Maps & Modes, that this years Call Of Duty is a spiritual successor to COD WWII. Sledgehammer have customized the Modern Warfare 2019 Game Engine to such an extent that Vanguard feels and plays like the 2017 Release – and whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on how you liked that edition of the franchise.
Thanks, Rob.
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  1. Wether i buy vanguard depends on if outbreak zombies mode carries over.
    Absolutely addicted to that mode!
    Big open world-like maps, looting like in warzone, seperate xp/upgrade path, damn good game mode!!

  2. Is COD VANGUARD offline at the moment ? Servers are down until tomorrow (16th) is that correct ?
    Also as a new player to COD i just purchased Vanguard and the real problem i have with this is that there is no PRACTICE MODE so you can test your settings / sensitivity etc or am i missing something.
    All i can do is hope settings are ok and jump into a game and get creamed by regular players who have played for a long time. I play GTA online / Fortnite etc and Splitgate so i am pretty good at shooter gaames but they all have a practice mode. This is so unfair to new players on COD for sure.
    Will this change or can someone help me and tell me what i can do as this new game seems it is just geared for experienced COD players and they have forgotten about any new players to the game.
    I am hoping that when the game launches properly there will be a practice mode. Any feedback would be great, thanks.

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