Call of duty vanguard

VANGUARD SNIPING IS SO SMOOTH but the aim assist still didn't help my thumbs

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local pc player thought it’d be worth using a controller instead of kbam and it kinda did and didn’t work? idk pc beta tomorrow and I am so READY! got some videos planned, expect a few over the coming weekend! hope you enjoy the video! 🙂
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  1. it seems shgm really want us to quickscope in this game, that´s greatr, let´s see how it plays on pc, we went from no flinch to a lot of flinch, let´s just hope it´s like cod 4, for me that flinch is perfect

  2. Clicked on this video thinking it was a cringe Jev rip off… Was pleasantly surprised with great content you earned a sub!

  3. I just want them to fix the snipers ads time because in cold war it took me 2-3 days to max it out because of how slow and weak they are without any attachments, but I don't remember anyone complaining about snipers and the snipers in mw 2019 with no attachments felt about the same as a sniper in cold war with attachments.

  4. I thought for some reason I could play the beta since yesterday and I had plan a nice decent time for me and my friend to play, but then we saw the notification of having to wait till today and my friend just laughed and then we played Cold War party games.

  5. I am amazed that the PS4 still can play this though, Looks crisp but the framerate drops abit, The ads seems still slow for my liking, BUT CAN'T FUCKING WAIT, Haven't been excited like this since MW2! Great video dude!

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