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A Honest Review of Call of Duty Vanguard! Should You Buy It or Skip It?

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I share my honest review on the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta week 1. Should we buy the next Call of Duty Game Skip it or Buy a new game like battlefield.


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  1. My thoughts so far after week 1 of the beta I will be playing some more this weekend. I dont think the overall beta will change too much maybe little improvements to spawn and visibility

  2. Honestly I think the beta maps are trash also there are a lot of campers in my lobbies like who the fuck camps on a beta

  3. I played Cold War and would go 53 and 7 one game and the next I would go negative due to sbmm. I haven’t tried the beta for Vanguard but if it is another Cold War but just ww2 I’m not gonna be purchasing it. I’ll have to give the beta a test this weekend

  4. MW 2019 brought me back into COD after for the first time since AW. CW kept my attention for a bit, but I think I'm skipping Vanguard. I'm just not eager to play another WW2 title.

  5. It’s fun but has issues that we’ve seen before. I like the hotel and nazi base map. The create a class is awesome imo

  6. What YouTubers, and Pros did you go up against? People keep saying that they should not get this game on PS4, so it makes me torn. Right now the Cold War meta is just EM2/Tec-9 making the game unenjoyable. And if Vanguard has terrible frames compared to PC and next gen consoles than we will be at a disadvantage.

  7. in my opinion if the full game is similar to the beta it will be trash
    this game is so campy it has big maps and doors with the killstreak system with SBMM this is horrible.
    and the main problem is one gun carry 10 attachments???? and also when i shoot someone the fire itself annoys me i cant see anything from it and above this the graphics it is so blurry i cant see enemies well from far

  8. Just played the beta and had fun. Ran into sweaty lobbies after I dropped 40 and 50 bombs. And went double negative. I played 12v12 nuketown, it was horrid. I dont know why I grinded Cold War so much. I feel like I move like a bot in Vanguard, I dont know if its my sensitivity but I feel like a stick in the mud.

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