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BEST PC Settings for Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta! (Maximize FPS & Visibility)

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This is a guide for the BEST PC settings for the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta! These settings will BOOST your FPS and improve visibility!

~PC Optimizations~
(Use code Webzy for 20% off anything on the website!)
Video testing the optimizations –

Previous settings video with Windows settings! –

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  1. Can confirm that turning on hardware accelerated gpu scheduling totally screwed everything up. Please tell me why when I turn that I on I get 5 frames

  2. If your not dumb then you can easily overclock yourself pc by yourself. Msi afterburner is completely safe for over clocking

  3. Buddy, when using Gsync and reflex latency on it automatically caps at 138 for you now…it’s been a thing for a while now..

  4. I’ve looked everywhere for the file you showed at the very beginning and it’s nowhere to be found on my hard drive. Any help? ?

  5. Can't find the Nvidia control panel settings video for someone link it for me ??? thanks.
    does anyone have any extra rusty spoons.

  6. This game & Cold War are the worst looking games of the whole franchise so far. Visibility is genreally terrible. Your settings definitely help, but the game in general is disgustingly bad. I should have better visibility with max settings lmao, but obviously not. Thanks for the video mate, keeping us sane!

  7. That ad could not be more misleading lmfao. Your not going to brick your PC by trying to "optimize" it. It's a scam praying on the naive.

  8. SenseQuality charges over 200+ to optimize your PC, it's outrageous and overclocking your PC is easy once you understand your GPU's/CPU crash limit and adjust from that.

  9. Do you mean cores or threads for AMD CPUs? Because my Ryzen 5 3600x has 6 cores and 12 threads. So by default if it is cores, it is 1 over half. If it's threads, I need to change it to 6 instead of 4.

  10. So in order to play flawless you need yo turn everything off.. wtf?

    I got I7 2600, nvidia 2060 super gfx card, 16 gb ram, and i should be able to play on at least high.

    Turned it down all the way to medium and still having fps issues.

    Make the fcking game stable ffs, it’s 2021.

  11. half the video this guy talking bout other shit start already lmao im over here skipping to the good parts like a fabnio novel

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