Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard on PC is… (beautiful)

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Call of Duty Vanguard on PC is… (beautiful) #CallofDuty #Vanguard #CallofDutyVanguard ▷ Use Code RAID for 10% off GFuel!


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  1. Hallo raidaway i am am big fan an i was looking to you vids sins black ops 2 i realy need cod point for black ops 4 i get 3 dlc wapens

  2. Brooo what graphics settings are you using because no matter the settings I use I can’t break 100fps .. I have a 3080 it should eat this game alive haha

  3. This game is terrible it’s the most generic piece of shit game Iv ever played to anyone in these comments I do not recommend buying it they don’t even have proper factions in it if u want to play a good shoot either play bf2042, halo infinite which is free btw of warzone don’t play this crap .

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