Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Xbox Series X Gameplay 4K

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This is Call of Duty Vanguard gameplay on Xbox Series X. My first Call of Duty Vanguard match. I recorded the entire gameplay …


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  2. Im playing on the Series x version and every game I have these black pixels. Not sure how to describe them. Literally makes it unplayable

  3. If this was ps4/Xbox One I would not be surprised. I guess being cross plat and early in the consoles life holds it back a bit. Still looks good.

  4. I don’t know why everyone is hating this game already when it not even out yet this cod looks fun lot better then Cold War it looks realistic decent aim good maps and more to it

  5. In Cold War I’m trying the beta I honestly don’t think it that bad but I haven’t so I can’t really confirm that people are just suss lol I mean a joking manner but I think people prefer modern warfare than past warfare see what I did there hey I think they’re going too fix the biggest problems before launch maybe some post people don’t know how much effort is put into a game even though I think they should have an extra year to work on there game there games would be so much better but what I know lol ?

  6. This is truly a great year for military shooters. Freaking 4 of them. And very cool that we have the 2 normal run and gun shooters battlefield and Cod. We also have insurgency sandstorm and hell let loose. 2 tactical type games covering modern day and ww2 and 2 run and gun type games covering modern day and ww2. Literally something for everyone this fall.

  7. Looks awful played it on mine bf1 is 10 times better looking and it’s years old… cod players get ripped off just play battlefield

  8. How is it that Battlefield manages better gunplay, graphics, destruction, particle effects, weather, vehicles, map size, and player volume? Like could you maybe compete in one area COD? Instead you release another hamster wheel run and gun? Remember when sniper rifles existed?

  9. CoD needs to just die already. Ugly boring ass WW2 game to add to the overdone playlist. Bf2042 beta sucks too, looks like another 3 years of BF4.

  10. besoin dune mise a jour pour le son des armes qui sonne pas bien ! et mise a jour des textures également car cest fade !

  11. What puts me off is the 1975 scope in 1945 on a 1943 gun?
    Oh and the late 1970s stun grenades in 1945 aswell just a bit off putting knowing they could of just used more to the time equipment

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