Call Of Duty Warzone

How to play Iron Trials 84! Call of Duty Warzone

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00:28 – General overview of rules
01:14 – Loadouts & Vehicles
01:32 – Inflated buy station prices
01:40 – Operator changes
02:12 – Loot
03:07 – Gulag rules
03:24 – Playlists available
03:50 – Rewards for winning in Iron Trials

Hey guys what is going on? Robrigo here with TheNewbs and today i’m taking a look at the brand new game mode that has just launched on Call of Duty Warzone known as Iron Trials ’84. I’ll be taking a look in this video exactly how to play the mode, how it differs from the usual war zone battle royale mode that we’re used to, and some of the limitations of the mode itself.

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be trying this mode out, which is supposedly tailored towards the better players in Call of Duty Warzone. In a way you could compare it to a ‘ranked’ type version of a game mode that we see in other titles, in that it is more competitive.

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  1. God forbid Shooting people should kill them much less a head shot. Might as well just play Halo instead. This game punishes good players and holds all the bad players hands and they never do anything to stop all the Cronus kids

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