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VANGUARD: The FREE BLUEPRINT & Future of Camos… (Call of Duty Vanguard)

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is like every other Call of Duty… Camos matter to a lot of people. But with a switch back to the WWII era, that in logical perspectives is pretty limiting by comparison to the customization and camos we’ve seen recently. So… How will these look in the year? Today we’re going to be discussing how you can get the FIRST FREE BLUEPRINT in Call of Duty Vanguard and as well what the future of camos in COD Vanguard will be looking like potentially. This is The Free Blueprint and Future of Camos in Call of Duty Vanguard!

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  1. 8 attachments in warzone could give a new lease of life to mw guns… they could be made more mobile then, also ive never liked the reactive and mastercrafts but they sell bundles so they're here to stay i think

  2. I want some cool stuff to grind for, prestige for a start, the old system. Cool calling cards, cool camos, cool blueprints and skins, all available for completing challenges and grinding. Sick of them bloating the shop with stuff we could be grinding for when we’re constantly asking for stuff to grind for

  3. Game hasn't even came out and already we see it's not gonna stick to WW2 Day 1 … why even make a WW2 era game if you're gonna turn it in uwu of Duty

  4. since this is a "retro" game, love to see some retro Sci Fi camos, ala 1950s Sci Fi movies, 1940s, etc.. Guns with fins, looking similar to the ray gun / RayK in current zombies.. some camo skins like the space suits in those movies, etc.. think those would be pretty awesome.. That being said, i ordered the ultimate version, so happy to have some camo's/blueprints at the gitgo.
    mentioned game play issues in your other vid, so, thats all .. 😉

  5. Can someone PLEASE answer my question. I got ultimate and I don’t know how to activate my 2x xp. Does it activate by itself or do I do it and how

  6. Realistic camo, like mw2019. Most of the bundles weapons mw2019 are awesome. Brass magazines, metallic red barrels, gold rivets, silver accents here and there. Go crazy. But when they start looking destiny themed, I'll be disappointed.

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