Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard (BETA) – Gore Demonstration

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A video demonstrating the blood and gore effects in Call of Duty: Vanguard (Sledgehammer Games).

An analysis video discussing the gore effects in the game is now live:

You can get it here:

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  1. Hey there and welcome to Random Madness! This channel is mostly about showcasing and discussing response mechanics in video games. Be it blood and gore effects, active ragdolls and destruction.

    You can find all previous discussion videos of character response mechanics in this playlist (previously done in a review format, now done in this impressions format):

    Along with that there are videos on gore mods, trailer analysis and interviews with developers about their upcoming projects.

    If you like the music you hear on the channel, you can find it here. It mostly leans towards heavy metal, with elements of thrash, prog and other influences as well:

  2. nobody gives af about this… they need to focus on making a playable game before they focus on the detail of a dead body that you barely notice when playing

  3. Don’t want to sound like a psycho, but they should have added some more features to show they’re truly “expired” with some “broken pipe leaking” to make it more realistic

    They sort of did that in RE2 Remake

  4. I might actually get this for the gore finally cod has gore again its so annoying shooting someone in the face and seeing no bullet wound or blood like in cold war or when the bombs dont even do anything either ugh

  5. Great! Now I don’t have to dumb half my paycheck for a gun I’ll only use because it can only rip off the head,arms and legs?

  6. the gore took me by surprise. a welcome one to be sure, but kinda blew my mind when my torso ripped away from my legs in the killcam

  7. It looks nice! Was not expecting the head and body effects from rifles, but that gives me hope for the Single Player honestly 🙂 one thing with Cold War was the sheer lack of blood in general unless you played multiplayer and zombies. Hopefully Sledgehammer brings back the fun chunks with the campaign.

    Edit: so, played some of the campaign. And there IS gore. But it’s inconsistent. Sometimes an MG42 would take an arm. Sometimes there was some blood and that was it. Shot someone with the PPSH (sooooo happy to see it back!) and they completely disintegrated but everyone else I shot with it had blood spatter (which made sense). Maybe there are some graphical bugs?

  8. I'm glad that we're getting World at War-level gore and then some. We need that for every game going forward, because war literally isn't all about just getting small holes in your body.

  9. they overdid themselves this time, I love how the Sturmgewehr 44 simple doesn’t have a stock. it’s not like the spring that operates the bolt has to fit in there or anything like that.

  10. Interesting that world at war, black ops and black ops 2 had intense amount of gore compared to mw1 2 3 which had nonexistent gore outside cutscenes

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