Call Of Duty Warzone

If Activision Played Warzone…

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If Activision Played Warzone… Wouldn’t really fix any problems… 》》》SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE SQUAD …


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  1. Honestly accurate… I stop playing this game I want to Apex and miss playing but Activision clearly doesn’t care

  2. Someone explain to me everything Activision done wrong
    What Ik is:
    • Became Fornite and started expensive bundles
    • Can’t fix cheats

  3. I HATE it when Devs don’t even play their own games at all like if Devs actually played their own games then there wouldn’t be much trouble but instead they just like to ruin their own game

  4. Do they even play their own game? Because there should be no way this game has such dogwater issues if they do.

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