Call of duty vanguard

the call of duty vanguard beta is pain..

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In this video I play the Vanguard beta and give my first intial impressions on it. So far I wasn’t having a good time and I can tell that sbmm is going to ruin this game most likely and overpower it making people not wanting to play it sadly 🙁 Thank you for watching my video, I appreciate the support!
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  1. Everyone complained big time about the footsteps in MW, and Sledgehammer seems to have gone too far in the opposite direction.

  2. Reasons I'm going back to cold war:
    Camping tryhards
    Bad teammates
    Mw2019 minimap
    No dead silence
    Big maps
    Tac sprint
    Suppression system

    Things I like about vanguard:

  3. Dude there is 3 things that cod needs too do to make it better 1 take out skill base matchmaking 2 if they need more time to make a good cod take more time 3 make it fun and rememberable. Ask people what about was the best a lot will say bo3 or mw2 why because they are so easy to remember

  4. I like when the developers reuse old sounds from their previous games because it reminds me of them. I loved COD WWII so hearing sounds from that game makes me happy especially since this game plays absolutely nothing like that game.

  5. They just have to put in boot camp up to lvl 25 and next to that for the sweats leaghplay with rewards. And normal 6v6 or blitz GGS.

  6. so many sweats in Vanguard, legit, many people jumpsweat and hide in corners just to get the flamesuit and/or the attack dogs

  7. Why do we keep getting ww games it sucks this is basically Ww3 im tired of old guns it’s boring in my opinion

  8. The first cod I won’t be buying ever since mw2. The games are getting worse and worse and they won’t listen to the community. I’m out for this one.

  9. Why are enemy health colors like a fainted orange and not a dark red it’s always red wth but anyways good vid

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