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The Vanguard Beta Is BROKEN On Xbox! (Call Of Duty Vanguard)

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The Vanguard Beta Is BROKEN On Xbox! (Call Of Duty Vanguard)

Hope u enjoyed quick little video showcasing and explaining why I am currently unable to play and upload much from the beta due to the issues I am having and to make sledgehammer aware of this major issue currently in the call of duty vanguard beta!

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed today's video! Not the video I wanted to be making and did actually plan to stream the beta but in its current state I can not play the game.

    Things aren't looking good as Sledgehammer have now addressed this issue on twitter and to me it sounds like they aren't actually going to fix this issue in the beta at all will link the tweet down below but if sledgehammer don't fix this issue during the beta it will be a massive slap in the face to those of us who are playing on Xbox so hopefully sledgehammer gets on top of this now before they anger the entire Xbox community 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Link to tweet from sledgehammer on this issue:

  2. Noti gang also that's good hopefully the betta breaks on other platforms I want cod n warzone to die to bad

  3. On Series X and it’s complete trash. Shooting squares. Square fire. Bushes morphing into random shapes. Color changing assets. Rainbow textures. Players morphing into random shapes. It’s so bad.

  4. I got a refund because this is not acceptable, its a pre but come on. Wtf, graphic wise this game is not ready for Xbox. Should of bought PlayStation.

  5. Can’t even play on Series X the game lags even in the menus, and the NAT is stuck on permanently on Moderate, I’ve installed the Xbox One version of the beta and it’s full of broken lighting and the same NAT issues, I don’t know if they can fix this before launch

  6. Mate it’s total trash on Xbox. I have an Xbox one x and the MW beta was brilliant. This is virtually unplayable and sadly reminded me of cyberpunk 🙁

  7. I can't even get into the beta??? I pre-ordered (standard) & redeemed successfully but when I go on my xbox one, there is no option to download? if I click "Multiplayer beta live" it just takes me to the store & then says "currently not available"? What the fuck am I doing wrong??????

  8. It's trash on the Series X! I'm just playing on PS5! I might just cancel my Xbox pre-order! They never tested on the Xbox!

  9. I'm on Xbox one and this beta is literally unplayable. Mine freezes and crashes constantly. I'm done trying to get this beta to work, headed back to For Honor Lmao.

  10. Good on the new generation but not on the old 😂 , I subscribe ! 👌 I also made a Let’s Play on this game , don’t hesitate to take a look and subscribe ! 😉

  11. My main issue is I can see anyone unless I’ve got my face in the screen the brightness won’t change and the sound was spot on can’t tell there people right beside and in next rooms and the attachments need fixing there so unfair strong

  12. I play the beta today on xbox series x and the game is horrible and laggy and and connection issues and to buggy. I my not buy the game. I will wait for battlefield or halo.

  13. I had a similar problem. I Can't play the beta, cause' was disgusting, its sucks, and I would play this with more fps.

  14. 0:08 is where I first saw the graphics glitch that’s the only problem I have so far but other than that it runs smoothly in the Xbox Series X

  15. Its freezing and crashing the game all the way to the home screen for me is anyone having this problem? Im also on a Xbox One X not only that but the audio goes in and out!! I play warzone n its fine

  16. I have same problem with game during Beta. When i saw that first time….I think my xbox is dying, after your video and some other videos..i understand that everything ok with my console:) After this beta, i don't want pre-order this game

  17. My series S version is riddled with bugs and major texture pop. Also there's graphical errors. Including the one where there's no factions.

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