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With the Call of Duty Vanguard Beta available on PC, it was only a matter of time until players started datamining the files to try learn new details on the game ahead of its release. Certain details about Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies were discovered & shared online, and we’re discussing those in this video. On top of that, there were also some new rumors around the name of the Vanguard Zombies map and the launch date for that content within Vanguard. The name seems to be “War of the Dead” – further leaks since this video went live confirms the name within the achievements.

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  1. If the community has a meltdown over a 2 week wait for a round based map, even though we are getting day 1 content, and we’re getting a year two of Treyarch zombies, then I will be so sad. What a terrible community.

  2. I think a D-Day map where you play as German soldiers would be cool. All of the dead allied soldiers on the beaches turn into zombies and you have to survive on the coastline!

  3. Aw man im getting excited man. The funnest time i ever had grinding zombies was ww2. The challenges were sooooo good and difficult and soooo rewarding. When you came into the game with the bloodraven mountaineer or the Casablanca slayer immediate respect. Lol

  4. dude the new zombies is so good i would play a cod zombies game thats seperate from the warfare games vanguard is awesome thanks for giving a peak it looks awesome and i cant wait

  5. Will this games zombies also be based heavily in the occult? Because for me it ruins the gameplay that it’s all based in idol worship… trash.

  6. Treyarch and Activision over the past 2 years have completely destroyed their unique and awesome Zombies experience. Cold War was terrible. I will buy this game only for Zombies because I don't play MP but I won't buy it until there's content and it better be good

  7. I really enjoyed Cold War, and am looking forward to the new game. But looking at these comments, I would think half the people here hate zombies. There's more whining than a damn preschool. It's just a game people, relax.

  8. When u realize that there are not only a few "Of The Dead" maps but also "der Toten" maps which means exactly the same

  9. We went from getting one map at launch. Then BO4 gave us four at launch and to look at cold War. Such a shame to be honest. The creativity left with Jason blundell. The zombies experience will Never be the same using random online operators Instead of characters made from the ground up. Was the first strike then outbreak was the second and third was merging BO4 special with cold War aesthetics.

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