Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Is Nothing Special

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  1. You pay 50 dollar to play campaign for 3 hours and get shredded by some tryhard sliding all over the place in multiplayer

  2. Lets be real this year is for halo cause call of duty is garbage at this point and battlefield is a bug in process at least halo lets you play and level up the battlepass and all of that will carry over to when the game drops and its fucking free ???

  3. To this day I still believe WW2 was an inside job by the developers of Call of Duty, who used a time machine to make a setting for all 50 million of their games

  4. Even after a horrendous beta, vanguard launched as a better game than battlefield. I got excited for battlefield, only to be let down. Halo popped off tho

  5. not going to ask why that british soldier had a german radio glide bomb built to destroy boats the explosive on that probably couldnt kill you unless you were standing like 5 feet next to it

  6. does everyone need to make a vid on vanguard? like this dude usually just sits in front of a camera playing with pocket pussies and making doodoo jokes

  7. I haven’t bought cod in 5 years until cold war it was so shit to me it was slow i like fast but i got this one i had 14 days to return but I actually really enjoy this one its fast

  8. Cod wouldn’t have the rep it had today if would just do away with SBMM. That shit has single handily ruined the franchise. They should just bring back ranked playlist if they want to continue to use SBMM. There is a reason many people have drifted to only playing Warzone.

  9. I'm genuinely curious what makes COD players keep on buying the same game over and over again each year. It's so bizarre

  10. Hoenstly i wasn't even hyped for this one since the last time Sledgehammer made a WW2 cod game it sucked ass!

  11. I legit was so hyped for this game and was torn at how bad it was, now I'm getting battlefield 2042 and I don't really like battlefield that much apart from battlefield 1

  12. Sad thing is you can’t even refund it on pc, blizzard directs you to activisions website and it’s not even an option

  13. Remember when people watching Vanguard trailer and say they want BF? yeah how do you enjoy Battlefield 2077?

  14. is it just me but… I just played recently cod black ops on a 360 that I also bought recently and the graphics are pretty much the same…

  15. "come on you fat FUCK."
    Considering he can't even see what the other guy looks like irl, I'm going to give this a 200% probably rating on the projectometer.

    Somebody call the local theater and tell them their projector's been stolen, because… Nah I got nothing.

  16. Cod has been trash since after mw or black ops whichever one came last it makes me laugh people still play it when the game hasnt changed since blops 4 ? same movements same guns same feel

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