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COD Vanguard vs Battlefield 2042! (Which Game SHOULD YOU BUY?) Battlefield vs Call of Duty 2021

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With 2 massive FPS games coming out this year, battlefield 2042, Call of Duty Vanguard, or Halo Infinite! Which will be the game worth your money this year! COD Vanguard vs Battlefield 2042! (Which Game SHOULD YOU BUY?) Battlefield vs Call of Duty 2021

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0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Vanguard & Battlefield Beta
1:00 – Which game is BETTER Value for Money?
2:15 – Should you BUY Cod Vanguard?
4:08 – Will WARZONE be BETTER than VANGUARD?
5:54 – Should you BUY Battlefield 2042?
9:39 – Battlefield 2042 FREE TO PLAY?
10:30 – Discussion – Which GAME is Better?
10:59 – What are you thinking of BUYING?

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This video was created, edited, and uploaded by Wizzo.

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  1. All FPS are just gonna be plaqued with hackers/cheaters. Cross play ruined everything and now people cheat with modified console controllers that are undetectable. Have fun with all the pathetic cheaters cuz I promise that's what you'll get… Sadly!

  2. Man I thought BF 2042 was gonna wipe the floor with cod. But it didn’t . BF isn’t very good. Don’t get me wrong neither is cod but I expected that. So disappointed with Bf

  3. Vanguard. I want a game that doesn’t look like I’m playing on a potato, falling under that map and crap like that

  4. What a biased comment section 🙄 I actually prefer vanguard this time over 2042. TRUST ME I put thought into this

  5. I pre ordered 2142 as soon as the order came out have no regrets with the beta somethings need a little work, but dose not need to change to become like warzone, to keep they little soy boys happy. Warzone is a wreck cold war a fail I sorry to everyone who wasted they hard earned money. But all jokes aside nf won't be for you if you looking to kill people easily, it's not for you if you rage about being killed by a head shot like it should be. It's like we are back in the days now bf players and warzone players chalk and cheese water and fire

  6. I am cod fan but after my 20th video on vanguard vs bf2042 I watched a video of battlefield 5 vs vanguard bf5 is even more detailed

  7. If COD makes it that when you buy blueprints for said gun you unlock the gun so you can grind for attachments without feeling like having to buy the respected game to get it easier… The gun unlock challenges are to hard in warzone and all the meta guns are behind blueprints and hard challenges.

  8. I mean i played the cod vanguard beta on my ps4 and i haven't experienced that much lag.

    Also i really do like Vanguard

  9. Hate me if you want but imo vanguard is the most fun I've had playing cod since black ops 2. I will say I'm not a fan of the zombies mode in vanguard but the campaign is pretty solid with some beautiful visuals and cinematics and the multiplayer has tons of content from launch with the most fluid cod mechanics to date

  10. If they haven't played mw 2019 they will not be angry for vamguard cause i played mw 2019 vanguard is just like copy paste of cod 2019 so i prefer 2042.

  11. Cod is all about level up and buy anime skin but no fun
    Battlefield have fun and very good battle and more action than cod

  12. I love bf but this bf2042 doesn’t feel right . And I’ve been playing cod and it fells amazing with movement and sounds while bf2042 feels bulky and the big maps in bf make it where big fights are rare because everyone is scattered around the map not doing anything. Cod is better. ( this is all my OPINION)

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